Used to lick: D’Alema’s former boat, Rothschild’s and a super deal

Browsing on Topboatmarket, the site dedicated to buying and selling used boats. you unearth boats for sale with incredible stories. We bring you three “cases” of exceptional second-hand: the 12-meter superboat that costs as much as a 9-meter one, Baron Rothschild’s love affair, and the jewel that was Massimo D’Alema’s. You might give it more than a little thought…!


We start with a very fast IMX-40, a Jeppesen masterpiece that has been a protagonist on the race courses for years, which is being sold for only 36,000 euros. Where is the trick? There is not, it is the base price of a bankruptcy auction in Udine to be held on April 10 (to envelopes: there is time until noon that day to submit your bid). The boat is from 2001. Launched in 2000 to a design by Jeppesen (and produced until 2005), the IMX 40 (length 12.10 m; width 3.80 m; draught 2.45 m; disk. 6.80 t) immediately became a major player on the race courses, both between the buoys and in the long runs, and even today continues to win. Think of it winning the 2016 European ORC (among Corinthians crews, i.e., non-professionals) and the prestigious offshore regatta Brindisi-Corfu. Ready to make your bid? DISCOVER MORE.

Baron Rothschild’s 6 m International Tonnage? You can find it for sale in a Milan warehouse, priced at 50,000 euros. A very low figure for a sailing monument. It is called “Gitana Junior,” has an effective length of 11 m, and was built on Lake Geneva. He won the world class championship in Florida in 1982. It is constructed of fiberglass. DISCOVER MORE.


Don’t be intimidated by the price: what you are looking at is a real houseboat of the highest standard. This Starkel 60 is the brainchild of Roberto Starkel, who died prematurely in late 2015. He became famous to the general public and ended up on television and on the covers of gossip weeklies for designing Ikarus, politician Massimo D’Alema’s 60-footer. Surprise: it is indeed the same boat, which is now called Giulia G, built in 2003 by the Stella Polare shipyard in Fiumicino. The interior configuration includes three cabins plus one for the crew for a total of six berths. It is 18.31 meters long and 4.87 meters wide. DISCOVER MORE.



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