Top 10 places in the world to sail. Word of guru Jimmy Cornell

The guru of big world sailing, Jimmy Cornell, has compiled a ranking of the world’s 10 most beautiful places to sail. And you have to believe it if he recommends them, the man who in the last 40 years has traveled 200,000 miles the all the seas and oceans of the planet, including three round-the-world
. This valuable ranking was published in the February issue of Yachting World magazine, here are the 10 places that for Jimmy Cornell must be visited once in a lifetime, with his personal ratings. Know that Cornell visited them with his boats, but you can also sail into this paradise by renting a boat. By now you can find a sailboat to rent anywhere!

They are the most beautiful tropical islands on the planet. Lush vegetation, craggy peaks, water springs and waterfalls, protected bays, cozy old villages. This Pacific Ocean archipelago that is part of French Polynesia has a year-round good God-kissed climate, and they are not in the path of tropical cyclones. There are six main islands, the largest being Nuku Hiva but the one most popular with boaters is Hiva Oa.

Unthinkable until a few years ago to include this land at the edge of the world among the most desirable destinations. Now it’s possible, even with sailing itineraries from November through March, such as those by Grand Nord Large( and Victory Adventure Travel( The Antarctic Peninsula offers thrills in breathtaking scenery among icebergs, penguin colonies, ice islands, and humpback whales.

New Zealand has a unique variety of high mountains, glaciers, deep fjords, pristine sandy beaches, volcanic water pools, giant ferns in a unique nature that meets the expectations of even the most discerning sailor.

No other place on the planet can boast the variety’ of backdrops that the Vanuatu Islands archipelago offers with its spectacular volcanic eruptions, villages where the people maintain their traditions and ancient beliefs.

Vava’u, part of the kingdom of Tonga, is an archipelago of 100 islands and islets with lush tropiacel vegetation, white beaches, and underwater caves with abbonant sheltered anchorages. The calm waters attract humpbacks that breed here in winter, a unique sight and a chance’ to swim along with them.

A recreational paradise, less harsh than you think. Islands, sheltered fjords, narrow channels, snow-capped mountains, glaciers in a pristine wilderness with no settlements for miles around. The average temperature ranges from 4 degrees in the coldest month (July) to 14 in the warmest month (January).

This Indian Ocean archipelago made up of islands, atolls and coral reefs is one of the dream destinations for boaters around the world. Unspoiled, far from civilization, almost uninhabited offers heavenly anchorages in tropical lands.


Nearly 400 islands of which about 50 are inhabited in front of Panama, easily accessible but perfectly preserved. Kuna Indians who have remained untainted by the rest of the world live there. The truest Caribbean.

A cruise to Alaska in the most favorable months from June to August is an immersion among forests that reach to the shore, breathtaking valleys, snow-capped peaks, observing sea lions, whales, orcas, moose, and bears that live here at peace with nature.


Between May and July sail past multicolored ice columns, boundless tundras, islets and cliffs, seal colonies, birds, foxes and polar bears, and thanks to its proximity to the North Pole enjoy one of the most fascinating natural phenomena: the Northern Lights.
Jimmy Cornell (whose real name is Dragos Corneliu Cismasu, born in Romania 75 years ago) has been a true guru for generations of cruisers (his book “World Cruising Routes” has sold 150,000 copies, so many in the boating niche). Jimmy is the founder of the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) in 1986 and, recently, tired of the “competitive” bent the regatta had taken, of Atlantic Odyssey. He also devised the Pacific Odyssey, designed for those from the Caribbean who want to head to the South Pacific.



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