Three strokes of genius (at no cost) for a very comfortable cockpit

EinsteinDo you want to simplify your life in the cockpit without relieving your wallet? Here are three goodies that as many do-it-yourself boat lovers sent us. Easy-to-implement “smart” solutions, thanks to which you will solve some problems: How do I keep the glasses from falling in navigation? How can I have the chart plotter in my eye at all times, even on a small boat, without installing repeaters? How do I prevent cockpit rigging lines from tangling with each other and always being in the clear? Read below!

Here is Giancarlo Sorrentino’s idea: “I enclose,” he writes us, “the photo of the solution I devised and realized on a Bavaria Cruiser 46 to make the most of the compartment inside the cockpit table. Since balancing bottles and glasses has always been a problem in navigation, I thought of taking advantage of the step in this compartment to place a sheet of plexiglass on top of it, which, suitably drilled by me with a hand cutter, would allow convenient use and stowage of glasses and bottles.

instrument holderTHE CHART HOLDER
Giovannella Fresi pointed us to a device that makes life on board more comfortable: “I made this work in order to be able to use the chart gps either from the course table, perhaps at anchor or in port, or from the cockpit while sailing. I made a wooden support that fits perfectly on the bottom of the rail that is used to hold the boat’s front closure panel. I had to patiently shape a readily available wooden lath onto which I screwed a board to which I then attached my standard gps mount. The result was to obtain the ability to use the instrument easily and in a highly visible position while sailing and to remove it with ease at the end of navigation for use on the course table. It does limit the step a little bit to go below deck while sailing, but once you get used to it it is just a convenience.”

appendix-1THE APPENDIX.
Engineer Eugenio Denti was “tired of having halyards, borers and various sheets all in disarray,” and decided to make a simple rope-hanger with his own hands. He also sent us the “shopping list” to carry out the work.
Two 45 cm long plastic bars
ten stainless steel screws
ten dice
ten stainless washers
ten stainless washer
Ten plastic pulleys with throat
Some silicone to attach the bars on the deck….
Cost: a few euros.



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