Three Italian and one French: four boats used to never say no to the wind

If you are looking for a boat that is no longer very young, but can combine the pleasure of comfortable cruising with the pleasure of performance sailing, and why not even racing, a trip to

might give you some good tips about used boats. In fact, among the rating sheets and boats for sale, we have uncovered four models with interesting features: highly successful, aesthetically beautiful boats with the right balance of interior roominess and sailing characteristics.

Comet 38s

The design of Comar’s 38-footer bears the signature of Vallicelli. Also designed for racing, it is characterized by the lean, high-performance lines of its hull, equipped with appendages with a high elongation ratio. The deck is comfortable and functional in cruising, as well as in racing due to the presence of six winches, the German-style mainsail sheet system with passage under the deck plane. Three versions of the interiors. Still a winning boat today, Leonardo Servi’s Comet 38s Scricca was in fact one of the big stars of the offshore racing season in 2016. CHECK OUT THE COMET 38S QUOTES HERE

Este 39

Cruiser-racer by Vallicelli studio of very attractive line, characterized by low edges, almost vertical transom and a short development of the deckhouse. It may be the least comfortable and the sportiest of our selection of used boats, but it is nevertheless fully in the performance-cruise target, suitable for sporty sailors who want to sail well even in the breezes. The 2.40 m draft ensures good righting and excellent upwind performance. Equipped with a pushed “weight-to-power” ratio (101.5 sq. m. by 6500 kg.), it nevertheless has an overhead-rigged sail plan that makes it easy to adjust. On deck a large cockpit with wheel and rich equipment. The interior suffers from the small volume of the hull and includes two double cabins in the stern, charting opposite the galley, dinette with opposing benches, toilet and owner’s quarters in the bow. SEARCH HERE FOR ESTE 39 RATINGS

Grand Soleil 40

Designed by Massimo Paperini, at that time one of the winning designers in the racing world, the Grand Soleil 40 (CHECK OUT THE GS 40S FOR SALE HERE) achieved good success and was also produced in more racer versi0ns with more sail area and a bulb with a draft of 2.40 meters instead of 2.15. Sailing performance between the more powerful deep draft sail plan models and the more “cruise” models is radically different, this factor should be considered when choosing. Interiors were offered in two- and three-cabin versions. Finishes and materials are classic, good workmanship. CHECK OUT THE GS 40 QUOTES HERE

Sun Fast 37

The water lines, designed by Jaques Fauroux, are the same as the pure cruising model Sun Odyssey 37, but otherwise everything changes. Larger sail area, increased deck equipment, a heavier and deeper bulb, a larger rudder, and a sleeker, more aggressive line. The result is a fresh, snappy boat that is well balanced without extremes, versatile and suitable for wide use on a variety of fronts. Performance is respectable with excellentoliniere skills. The interiors had two versions, two- or three-cabin with one bathroom, L-shaped galley and advanced charting. LOOK HERE AT THE LISTING OF THE SUN FAST 37



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