Three Gulfs Sailing Week comes to a close: here are all the 2022 winners

From May 14 to 21, Sorrento hosted Three Gulfs Sailing Week, a great celebration of sailing with many races amidst extraordinary scenery, prestigious boats and unparalleled hospitality. Here are all the winners of this 2022 edition.

For a week, Sorrento was the capital of sport sailing. In fact, from May 14 to 21 the Campania city was the scene of Three Gulfs Sailing Week, one of the most popular and crowded competitions on the Italian racing calendar. Organized by the Circolo Remo e Vela Italia, in collaboration with the Yacht Club Italiano, the Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia, IMA, ORC, UVAI, AIVE, and under the auspices of the Italian Sailing Federation, the event included a full schedule of prestigious regattas held between the gulfs of Sorrento, Naples, and Gaeta, as well as many land-based events.

So let’s see what happened and most importantly who were all the winners of this extraordinary event that celebrated sailing in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

Regatta of the Three Gulfs: Soldini’s team puts on a show!

The first of the scheduled events was the historic Three Gulfs Regatta. Competitiveness and spectacle characterized the competition that has been welcoming dozens of crews from Italy and abroad to Neapolitan waters for 67 editions. Enlivening the event, which is valid for the 2022 Italian Offshore Championship, were 130 boats that set sail on May 14, with a striking sunset start, to compete along the 150-mile course set up between Naples, Ponza, Li Galli and Capri. A challenging edition, this 2022 edition, characterized by good weather with light winds especially during the night hours that put crews and race strategies to the test. After the last crews arrived on May 17, the Race Committee drew up the final rankings. The victory in Overall was won by Marco Serafini’s Tp52 XIO, first ahead of Frenchman Frederic Puzin’s Ker 46 Daguet 3 and Giovanni Di Vincenzo’s Ker 46 Lisa R. Same podium also for the Orc A class.

In Orc B, on the other hand, victory went to Andrea Rossi’s Swan 42 Mela, and in Orc C to Corrado Annis’Italia 998 Lady Day . In the Orc D class there was a victory for Alessandro Burzi’sEste 31 Reevo Globulo Rosso . In real time the first to the finish line was the Mod 70 Maserati led by Giovanni Soldini who only in the last few miles won the “mach race” against Paul Larsen’s sister boat Mana winning the Line Honours. Among monohulls, the first in real time at the Regatta of Three Gulfs was Furio Benussi’sArca SGR.

Maxi European Championship: the Wally 77 Lyra “king” of the regattas

Another treat of Three Gulfs Sailing Week was the Maxi European Championship, a first since the title has never been up for grabs. The competition, open to Mini Maxis (between 18.29 and 24.08 meters long) and larger Maxis (24.09 to 30.50 meters), used IRC regulations as its rating system and included an offshore race on the Regatta of the Three Gulfs course, plus four days of inshore racing, the latter part of the IMA Mediterranean Inshore Challenge.

Here the Overall victory went to the Wally 77 Lyra of owners Terry and Olivia Hui, ahead of Peter Dubens’ commanding JV72 North Star and Sir Peter Odgen’s M74 Jethou in third.


The winners of the Mediterranean Orc Championship.

Fine racing and heated duels also enlivened the Mediterranean Orc Championship, a classic of international offshore sailing that returned 16 years after the last edition, run in 2006. The championship began with a long distance race of about 150 miles on the same course as the classic Three Gulfs Regatta starting in Naples on Saturday, May 14, and continued with three days of buoy racing from Thursday, May 19 to Saturday, May 21 in the stretch of sea between Capri and Sorrento.

Of note in the Overall ranking are the excellent performances of Xio leading Marco Serafini first in Regatta A class and Apple of Andrea Rossi first in Regatta B Class: as well as those of Ars Una by Antonio Giulio Cafaro, first in the Regatta/Cruiser A class and Chestress By Giancarlo Ghislanzoni first in the Regatta/Cruise B class.

Tyrrhenian National Championship: here’s the podium

Finally, as for the Tyrrhenian National Championship during the Three Gulfs Sailing Week, the following stood out. Roberto Monti’s Blue (Regatta 1), Otto Kikkas’s Sugar 3 (Regatta 2), Antonio Giulio Cafaro’s Ars Una (Regatta/Cruise A), Giancarlo Ghislanzoni’s Chestress (Regatta/Cruise B) and Concetto Costa’s Squalo Bianco (Regatta/Cruise C-D).

Once all the water trials had been held, in Sorrento’s enchanting Marina Piccola, where all boats participating in Three Gulfs Sailing Week were housed, the event’s final awards were held on Saturday, May 21, with the Mayor of Sorrento in attendance.

In short, the balance of this Three Gulfs Sailing Week 2022 remains printed in the faces of all those who took part, happy not only with splendid days of racing, but also enriched by the festive atmosphere of the entire event and the discovery of a unique territory in the world. Credit to the organizing committee and the great reception of the people of Sorrento. The date for Three Gulfs Sailing Week is for 2023 since the dates for the next edition are already set: from May 13-20. Mark them on your calendar and above all, don’t miss them!







1 North Star, JV72; 2 Capricorn, R&P78; 3 Jethou, M74 ; 4 Wallyno, Wally 60; 5 Ark The Yard, Custom 100; 6 Lyra, Wally 77; 7 Ryokan 2, Wally 80; 8 Cippa Lippa X, Mylius 60; 9 Hagar, Stable 65; 10 Fra Diavolo, Mylius 18; 11 Highland Fling XI, Reichel Pugh 82; 12 Spirit of Lorina, Botin 65; 13 Blue Oyster, Dehler 60; 14 H2O, Vallicelli 78; 15 Lady First, Mylius 60; 16 Manticore, Mylius 60; 17 Durlindana 3, Farr 60; 18 .G, P65 – Ferns; 19 Shirlaf, Swan 65; 20 South, Mylius 60; 21 Boabunda Wally 60; 22 Stella Maris, Star 64. Ret Lupa of the Sea, Baltic 78; Ret Y.O.L., Vallicelli 68; Ret Aria, Mylius 60.


1 Xio, Marco Serafini; 2 Daguet 3, Frederic Puzin; 3 Lisa R, John Di Vincenzo; 4 Blue, Roberto Monti; 5 Testacuorerace, Riccardo Ciciriello; 6 Tengher, Alberto Magnani; 7 Apple, Andrea Rossi; 8 Bewild, Renzo Grottesi; 9 Morgan V, Nicola De Gemmis; 10 Lady Day 998, Corrado Annis; 11 Nimar II, Francis Strong; 12 Scugnizza, Vincenzo De Blasio; 13 Sugar 3, Ott Kikkas; 14 Vulcan 2, Giuseppe Morani; 15 Reevo Red Globule, Alessandro Burzi; 16 Northern Light Parallel 38, Enzo Ricordo; 17 Patricia Unounocinque, Domenico Buonomo; 18 White Shark, Costa Concept; 19 Soulaima, Davide Russo; 20 Julia, Rudolf Vrestal; 21 Tit, Giacomo Dell´Aria; 22 Tes, Tommaso Di Nitto; 23 Sekeles, Antonino Pollicino; 24 Sexy, Angela Groger; 25 Joy, Joseph Cascino; 26 Blur, Peter Gustafsson; 27 Dove X2, Maximus Juris; 28 X-Tension, Roberto Guerrasio; 29 Hebe V, Jakoubek Zdenek; 30 Excalibur E-Cubit, Fabrizio Gagliardi; 31 Ultravox X2, Leonardo Fonti; 32 Ret Chiara, Landi N./Esposito A.; 32 Ret. Faamu-Sami, Marcello Volpe; 32 Ret Timeriesci, Luca Lualdi; 32 Ret Chestress 3, Giancarlo Ghislanzoni; 32 Ret Nothing Bad, Joseph Osci; 32 Ret Frinky, Frinchillucci Francesco; 32 Ret Calypso E Cubit, Andrea Orestano; 32 Ret La Cucciola Massimiliano Marchese; 32 Ret Perseid, Massimo Garofalo; 32 Ret Palinuro X2, Gianluca Lamaro; 32 Ret Alebi, Massimo Arrighi; 32 Ret Ergo, Roberto Vittorio Gottardi; 32 Ret To Be, Stefano Rusconi; 32 Muttley X2, Luca Bettiati; 32 Scricca, Mario Rosso; 32 Aurora, Paul Bruno Bonomo; 32 Ret Ganzuria, C.V.Lampetia; 32 Ret Bella, Simone Cavallini; 32 Ret Blue Marlin, Silvia Ricciardi; 32 Ret. Horatio House Designed, Massimiliano Rizzo; 32 Ret Music, Rudolf Huber; 32 Dnf Summer Melody, Dmitriy Lvovskiy; 32 Nsc. Knyaz, Andras Szep; 32 Dnf Pistrice, Charles Levantivo; 32 Dnf Sexytoo Carlo Varelli; 32 Dnf Voscia´, Aldo Andrea Resnati; 32 Dnf. Xwave, Andrea Soricelli; 32 Dnf Zen 2, Cesare Bertoli; 32 Dnf Duende Air Force, Raffaele Giannetti; 32 Nsc. Baroness, Focarelli Vittorio; 32 Dnf Amapola 2, Gherardo Maviglia; 32 Dnf Nimbus 2000, Daniele Spiridigliozzi; 32 Dnf Bequite, Luciano Baldari; 32 Dnf Le Coq Hardi, Corrado Rizza; 32 Dnf Millennium Falcon 2, Stephen Deer; 32 Dnf Give Me Five, Massimo Pagliarin; 32 Dnf Nautilus 41st 12th, Pino Stillitano; 32 Tle Night Shadow, David Mizrahi; 32 Tle. Solano, Pascal Feryn; 32 Tle Safran Rouge, Oliviero Emaldi; 32 Tle Miss K Checkmate, Pier Marco Babando; 32 Tle Freedom, Aniello Orpello; 32 Tle Anemos, Maviglia G. 32 Tle Renoir, Mario Pellegrini; 32 Tle Ars Una, Antonio Giulio Cafaro; 32 Tle Vento Di Sardegna X2, Andrea Mura; 32 Tle Anouk, Antonio Bavasso; 32 Tle Bluette, Mario Zappia; 32 Tle Skin, John Pavia; 32 Tle Sayann, Paul Cavarocchi; 32 Tle Escape, Lucio Di Mauro; 32 Tle Morgan Iv, Fabio Cosentino Pellegrino; 32 Tle Vito 2, Gian Marco Magrini; 32 Tle Xynthia, Visio Goupa; 32 Tle Scamp Three, Andrzej Brochocki; 32 Tle Setsail, Valentin Oeru; 32 Dnc Lea, Massimiliano De Martino.


1 Solano, Pascal Feryn; 2 Night Shadow, David Mizrahi; 3 Xynthia, Visio Goupa Meditest.





1 Lyra, Wally 77; 2 North Star, JV72; 3 Jethou, M74; 4 Wallyno, Wally 60; 5 Capricorn, R&P78; 6 Highland Fling XI, Reichel Pugh 82; 7 Fra Diavolo, Mylius 18; 8 Ryokan 2, Wally 80; 9 H2O, Vallicelli 78;10 Cippa Lippa X, Mylius 60; 11 Spirit of Lorina, Botin 65; 12 Blue Oyster, Dehler 60; 13 Shirlaf, Swan 65; 14 .G, P65 – Ferns; 15 Lady First, Mylius 60; 16 Manticore, Mylius 60; 17 Boabunda, Wally 60; 18 Durlindana 3, Farr 60; 19 South, Mylius 60; 20 Ark The Yard, Custom 100; 21 Stella Maris, Star 64; 22 Lupa of the Sea, Baltic 78; 23 Hägar V, Stable 65; 24 Aria, Mylius 60; 24 Y.O.L. Vallicelli 68.


Class 1

1 North Star, JV72 G; 2 Highland Fling XI, Reichel Pugh 82; 3 Jethou, M74; 4 ARCA The Yard, Custom 100.

Class 2

1 Lyra, Wally 77; 2 Capricorn, R&P78; 3 Ryokan 2, Wally 80; 4 Cippa Lippa X, Mylius 60; 5 Spirit of Lorina, Botin 65; 6 .G, P65 – Ferns; 7 She-wolf of the Sea, Baltic 78; 8 Hägar V, Stable 65.

Class 3

1 Wallyno, Wally 60; 2 Fra Diavolo, Mylius 18; 3 H2O, Vallicelli 78; 4 Lady First, Mylius 60; 5 Manticore, Mylius 60; 6 Boabunda, Wally 60; 7 Durlindana 3, Farr 60; 8 South, Mylius, 60; 9 Aria, Mylius, 60.

Class 4

1 Blue Oyster, Dehler 60; 2 Shirlaf, Swan 65; 3 Stella Maris, Star 64; 4 Y.O.L. , Vallicelli 68.




Class 1

1 Highland Fling XI, Reichel Pugh 82; 2 North Star, JV72; 3 Jethou, M74; 4 ARCA The Yard, Custom 100

Class 2

1 Lyra, Wally 77; 2 Capricorn, R&P78; 3 Cippa Lippa X, Mylius 60; 4 Spirit of Lorina, Botin 65; 5 Ryokan 2, Wally 80; 6 .G, P65 – Ferns; 7 She-wolf of the Sea, Baltic 78; 8 Hägar V, Stable 65.

Class 3

1 Fra Diavolo, Mylius 18; 2 Wallyno, Wally 60; 3 H2O, Vallicelli 78; 4 Boabunda, Wally 60; 5 Manticore, Mylius 60; 6 Lady First, Mylius 60; 7 Durlindana 3, Farr 60; 8 South, Mylius 60; 9 Aria, Mylius 60

Class 4

1 Blue Oyster, Dehler 60; 2 Shirlaf, Swan 65; 3 Stella Maris, Star 64; 4 Y.O.L., Vallicelli 68.





1 Xio, Marco Serafini; 2 Blue, Roberto Monti; 3 Apple, Andrea Rossi; 4 Bewild, Renzo Grottesi; 5 Daguet 3, Frederic Puzin; 6 Lisa R, Giovanni Di Vincenzo; 7 Morgan V, Nicola De Gemmis; 8 Duende Aeronautica Militare, Raffaele Giannetti; 9 Tengher, Alberto Magnani; 10 Setsail, Valentin Oeru; 11 Scamp Three, Andrzej Brochocki.


1 Ars Una, Antonio Giulio Cafaro; 2 Chestress 3, Giancarlo Ghislanzoni; 3 Escape, Di Mauro Lucio; 4 Vito 2, Gian Marco Magrini; 5 Sayann, Cavarocchi Paolo; 6 Nautilus 41st 12th, Pino Stillitano; 7 Aurora, Bonomo Paolo Bruno; 8 Miss K Checkmate, Babando Pier Marco; 9 Anouk, Antonio Bavasso; 10 Morgan Iv, Fabio Cosentino Pellegrino; 11 Bluette, Mario Zappia; 12 Give Me Five, Massimo Pagliarin; 13 Music, Rudolf Huber; 14 Joy, Giuseppe Cascino; 15 Nientemale, Giuseppe Osci; 16 Millenium Falcon 2, Stefano Cervo.


1 Sugar 3, Kikkas Ott; 2 Scugnizza, Vincenzo De Blasio; 3 Lady Day, Corrado Annis; 4 White Shark, Costa Concept; 5 Northern Light Parallel 38, Enzo Ricordo; 6 Hebe V, Jakoubek Zdenek; 7 To Be, Stefano Rusconi; 8 Julia, Rudolf Vrestal; 9 Patricia Unounocinque, Domenico Buonomo; 10 Tes, Tommaso Di Nitto; 11 Sekeles, Antonino Pollicino; 12 Excalibur E-Cubit, Fabrizio Gagliardi; 13 Lea, Massimiliano De Martino; 14 Freedom, Aniello Orpello; 15 Summer Melody, Andrii Brus.





1 Blue, Tp52, Roberto Monti; 2 Apple, Swan 42 Andrea Rossi; 3 Xio, Tp52, Serafini Marco; 4 Bewild, Swan 42, Renzo Grottesi; 5 Sideracordis, X-41, Pier Vettor Grimani; 6 Morgan V, Swan 42, Nicola De Gemmis; 7 Daguet 3, Ker 46, Frederic Puzin; 8 Duende Air Force, Vismara 46, Raffaele Giannetti; 9 Lisa R, Ker 46 Giovanni Di Vincenzo; 10 Setsail, Swan 42 Valentin Oeru; 11 Tengher, Swan 45, Alberto Magnani; 12 Scamp Three, Hh42, Andrzej Brochocki.


1 Ars Una, Adria Fy 49, Antonio Giulio Cafaro; 2 Chestress 3, J 122, Giancarlo Ghislanzoni; 3 Faster III, Grand Soleil 43, Marcello Focosi; 4 Ars Una, Mylius 15, Biscarini/Rocchi; 5 Athyris & C, Grand Soleil 43, Piergiorgio Nardis; 6 Escape, Xp-44, Lucio Di Mauro; 7 Vito 2, A 40, Gian Marco Magrini; 8 Etilika Vag 2, Grand Soleil 40, Canova Alessandro; 9 Sayann, First 40, Paolo Cavarocchi; 10 Nautilus 41st 12th, X-41, Pino Stillitano; 11 Aurora, Canard 41, Paul Bruno Bonomo; 12 Miss K Checkmate, Swan 45, Pier Marco Babando; 13 Anouk, Solaris 47, Antonio Bavasso; 14 Nambawan, Comet 41s, Mario Alessandro Imperato; 15 Morgan IV, Grand Soleil 39, Fabio Cosentino Pellegrino; 16 Bluette, Comet 41s, Mario Zappia; 17 Give Me Five, Arya 415, Massimo Pagliarin; 18 Music, Baltic 50, Rudolf Huber; 19 Nientemale, First 40, Giuseppe Osci- Riccardo Calcagni; 20 Joy, J-122, Giuseppe Cascino; 21 Millenium Falcon 2, Grand Soleil 43, Stefano Cervo.


1 Sugar 3, Italy 11.98, Kikkas Ott; 2 To Be, Italy 11.98, Stefano Rusconi; 3 Scugnizza, Italy 11.98, Vincenzo De Blasio; 4 White Shark, First 35, Costa Concept; 5 Lady Day, Italy 9.98, Corrado Annis; 6 M.Art, Vrolijk 37, Edoardo Lepre; 7 Hebe V, M37, Jakoubek Zdenek; 8 Crazy Horse 2, X-35 Enrico Maria Danielli; 9 Northern Light Parallel 38, Dufour 34, Enzo Ricardo; 10 Giulia, Italy 9.98, Rudolf Vrestal;11 Tes, M37, Tommaso Di Nitto; 12 Patricia Unounocinque, First 34.7, Domenico Buonomo; 13 Sekeles, M37, Antonino Pollicino; 14 Lea, X-372, Massimiliano De Martino;15 Mordilla, Farr 30, Lampetia Sailing Center; 16 Excalibur E-Cubit, X-35, Fabrizio Gagliardi; 17 Freedom, Ior One Ton, Aniello Orpello; 18 Summer Melody, Sun Shine 38, Andrii Brus.





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