Three clever solutions to make your boat more “eco-friendly”

eco-boatBut what gas, what compressors, what batteries and generators! We present three clever solutions to make your boat more environmentally friendly. From the magic lid for healthy cooking and saving energy, to the zero-impact refrigerator kit, to the air conditioner…water.

It’s called the Magic Cooker and it will revolutionize the way you cook on a sailboat, benefiting speed, energy savings and health. It is a special lid that uses the physical principle of the “Venturi tube” and works by combining two effects, the moist heat created in the pot and the heat reflected from the lid downward. Saving water and energy, Magic Cooker transforms, depending on the flame and height of the pan, into a grill, toaster, deep fryer, microwave, ventilated steam oven, and pressure stove (but still cooking at low temperatures: for example, you can fry at 97 degrees while reusing oil several times). Made of austenitic stainless steel, it prevents splashing and thus keeps the cooktop clean. It also prevents the spillage of liquids and thus the risk of flame out. is adaptable to all pots and pans from 14 to 34 cm, and is available in different shapes: round, square, oval, even with professional kit (in this case with sizes up to 44 cm). Prices start from 35.50 euros.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 at 12:23:30 p.m.KECO COOLER KIT – YOU MAKE YOUR FRIDGE WITH ZERO IMPACT
KECO is the most environmentally friendly refrigeration kit intended for iceboxes or insulated compartments in boats: it is in fact thermo-controlled by seawater (so it does not use gas and compressors). It can also be mounted in a pre-existing cold room and has numerous advantages: at full capacity, it has a low consumption (of only 2.8 A that increases to 9.8 at the moment of maximum thrust), it does not take up space in the galley (not needing a compressor, it does not raise the temperature on board because the heat is dissipated into the sea, and, last but not least, it does not require maintenance or recharging. It consists of a radiator, a pump, and a microprocessor control unit that weighs only 180 grams (dimensions 70 x 125 x 40 mm).

Cabin cooler is an innovative product: it is a simple and efficient fan-driven air conditioner that consumes little energy (1 ampere at 12 V), requires little space, and is also very quiet. Are you in a roadstead and the heat is gripping you? Submerge the Cabin Cooler heat exchanger under the boat, with the tubes provided connect it through a hatch to the air conditioner and turn it on. Cold water will circulate in the pipes and flow to the air conditioner-you will have all the coolness you want with the energy consumption of a light bulb! Prices: from 420 euros.



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