The Y7 is unveiled to the world: a cruising outlier with a vice of performance

It will be officially unveiled to the public at the Palma Superyacht Boat Show from April 27 to May 1, we are talking about the Y7, the latest Michael Schmidt Yachtbau.

The Y7 was developed in collaboration with U.S. designer Bill Tripp, who has already launched several yachts between 15 and 86 meters in length. The design focus for the Y7 was marine and comfortable sailing behavior combined with performance that can shine on international race circuits.
All halyards run hidden and are manageable from the Y7’s steering consoles. This means that the helmsman can maneuver the yacht by himself at any time, which is certainly not a given for a 70-foot yacht. With about 28.5 tons and nearly 300 square meters of sail area, the Y7 will offer sailing fun even in light winds. The yacht is made of carbon and is also equipped with a mast and boom of the same material as standard.

Below deck the Y7 also has a very modern feel. For the interior design, the Y7’s owner turned to the Danish, award-winning team of Norm Architects. Copenhagen designers have created a pared-down environment with a Scandinavian twist.




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