The right electronic instrumentation for a sailboat? Here it is!

Tell me what boat you have, I will tell you what electronics to have on board. Yes, at Milan Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show the first digital boat show, this also happens.

Garmin, the world leader in navigation products, took care of that at its booth to create the ideal kit for every type of boat with the latest generation of its production. Because electronics on boats today are indispensable tools for sailing and motoring, mooring, boat control, fishing, and relaxing.

We recommend you go to the Garmin booth now to find out how easy and efficient boating can be today. Here is Garmin’s solution to every need:

Garmin’s solutions for every type of sailboat

No matter what kind of boat you have, Garmin has designed solutions for open boats, born for day trips, or for cruising boats, with which to sail for a long vacation. Or more sophisticated ones to go sailing with better performance. We talk about solutions for home automation, entertainment, navigation, and security.

But the solutions are not the same for everyone; they also depend on the size of the boat. For this Garmin has tells you what to install, depending on the size of the boat. Because things change dramatically, needs are different. Here is the instrumentation to have on board to be comfortable, comfortable, fast. With the greatest of ease.

Sailboats up to 13 meters

If the boat is up to 13 meters in size, here is the solution here

Sailboats up to 16 meters

If the boat is up to 16 meters in size, here is the solution here

Sailboats up to 21 meters

If the boat is up to 21 meters in size, here is the solution here

“Superyacht” boats up to 34 meters

If the boat is a “superyacht” up to 34 meters, here is the solution here

Fishing boats

And then there is fishing. Here Garmin has lots of new electronics in store for a boat to be used for fishing, here are its solutions here

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All you have to do is walk into the Garmin booth now to learn all about the equipment and contact a manager directly by email or whatsapp for advice and quotes.




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