The new Vismara VM 80 arrives. A fast cruiser with the “superyacht touch”

The new Vismara VM 80

The new VM 80, the latest creation from the Vismara shipyard/atelier, is on its way.

Vismara VM 80, 26-meter fast cruiser

We reveal a preview of the renderings of this nearly 26-meter fast cruiser that marks the collaboration between Vismara (water lines and construction) and the architectural firm Micheletti&Partner, famous for building the Baltic 142 Canova, one of the world’s largest and most advanced sailboats.

The new VM 80 is the evolution of Momi 80 launched at the end of last year.

VM 80

Secrets of the new VM 80 Vismara/Micheletti

The highlights of this small superyacht are these:

Sophisticated, ultra-lightweight construction with extensive use of carbon fiber for structures, mast that allow the weight of a boat of this size to be kept down to only 33 tons

lifting keel i.e., retractable keel (weighing 11,000 kg including 9,000 ballast) that allows for a significant reduction in draft, from four to 2.5 meters, so that otherwise inaccessible bays can be entered and even normal marinas can be entered

two engines that provide increased safety and incredible maneuverability. The motor cruising speed is an impressive 11 knots with a range of 1,100 miles on 1,200 liters of fuel

Two rudder blades that provide excellent maneuverability even at high heeling angles

The design with that particular deckhouse

In terms of design, you can see the hand of Micheletti&Partners who make their mark by adopting a short deckhouse that ends before the mast, perfectly connected to the hand guards that protect the cockpit. The rest of the deck is absolutely clear, as if it were a racing boat.

The cockpit, or rather the waterfront lounge, is particularly large due to the set back of the two helm wheels, supported by L-shaped sofas with the function of seating for steering but also usable as sundecks.

The aft garage allows the tender to be placed on the fore/aft front.

The interior of VM 80 with a maxi cabin

The interior of the VM 80 is also designed by Micheletti&Partners, which has used its experience on larger boats, such as the Baltic 142.

In the extreme bow is a large bathroom that serves the master cabin with its central double bed.

Going aft are two bathrooms serving the two guest cabins. Then opens the salon lit by the very large windows of the unusual deckhouse. By taking advantage of the nearly 6 meters of maximum width (5.80 m) Micheletti manages to create two areas: one for the relaxation/dining area and a large sofa, on the opposite side.

To the sides of the descent on one broadside is the linear beam kitchen and on the opposite side is the crew area with bathroom and double cabin.

VM 80 will be ready by June to conduct initial navigation and tuning tests.

VM 80, sketches, outline, plan

Data from the VM 80 Vismara/Micheletti

Overall length 25.92 m
Length at waterline 22.66 m
Maximum width 5.80 m
Empty displacement 33 t
Draft 4.0/2.50 m
Bulb and ballast 11,000 kg/9,000 kg
Motor cruising speed 11 knots
Motor range 1,100 miles
Total sail area 350 square meters (upwind)
Water tank 1,200 liters
Fuel tank 1,200 liters
Gray water 250 liters
Black water 5×80 liters
Boat type Fast Cruiser



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