The new Solaris 50 arrives. Beautiful, extra-large full of new features

The new 50-footer from Solaris arrives with many new features in keeping with the Italian shipyard’s tradition. The new Solaris 50 (5.50 m x 4.78 m) is in the 50-foot segment, which is in great turmoil, with novelties galore and competition in the “premium” segment unprecedented. Two examples: just released, the new Arcona 50 and theHallberg-Rassy 50.

When can we see the new Solaris 50 in the water? April 21-25, at Marina Monfalcone. Below we explain how to participate in the event.

New Solaris 50, all the secrets of the new “premium” Made in Italy

How did the Solaris people manage to revamp their highly successful 50-footer and differentiate themselves from the competition? Updating the deck and deckhouse design and, most importantly, significantly increasing exterior and interior space compared to the previous model.

Let’s face it, the new Solaris 50 really does look like a superyacht on a smaller scale. But it has retained that look of elegance mixed with a feeling of speed, that simplicity in line that has made the latest generation of boats built in the newly renovated and enlarged Aquileia shipyard famous.

The new Solaris 50 seen from the outside

You can tell immediately by looking at the bow lines of the Solaris 50 that the quest was to increase volume. Just look at the step at the bow, just above the waterline, which serves to increase internal volumes. But the visual effect, thanks to the fitting that sees the step fade as you go aft, makes for a pleasing effect.

As in all other Solaris, the cleanliness of the deck is proverbial, with the extra-large walkways making bow/stern circulation easy and smooth. New is the aesthetics of the low, shapely deckhouse that extends, complete with fenestration, into the wing guards. The effect is both harmonious and practical. A new family feeling in short.

You can see from the drawings how much design work went into the cockpit, a true open-air salon, with a choice of one or two tables.

And we come to the steering area of the Solaris 50, with the two rudder wheels placed on the two outer edges to make access to the aft swim platform as easy as possible. Two steps, forward of the rudder columns, create an environment of extreme safety and comfort when sailing, with increased ease of movement on deck, allowing for smooth sailing.
The break in the walks before the steering area also allows for a lower pulpit and drape aft, so that there is a perfect view towards the bow and onto the sails.

Another highlight is the garage with longitudinal tender entrance, a unique solution on yachts of this size, which facilitates the use of the tender when getting on and off the water.

The Solaris 50 seen below deck

The first consideration going down below deck of the new Solaris 50 is for the space one finds and appreciates. Thanks mainly to the maximum width of the boat, which is an impressive 4.78 meters. A size that makes it win the size ranking among the 50-footers on the market. Suffice it to say that compared to the shipyard’s previous model, it is a full 23 centimeters wider. And you can see them.

Combined with the unusual hull width also in the bow, which we have already told you about, is a superyacht-sized master cabin. Regarding layouts, there are two choices of two- or three-bathroom solutions, always with three cabins. In the three-bathroom solution, the kitchen is developed in the dinette, wall-mounted, facing the sofa/dining and lounging area.

The two aft cabins have a double bed or twin bed option. Space, as we said, given the Solaris 50’s extra-large width, is certainly not lacking.

In the water from April 21

When can we see the new Solaris 50 in the water? April 21-25, at Marina Monfalcone. You will also be able to board the Solaris 60 and 64. To book a visit, or get info on the event, write to

The features of the new Solaris 50

Overall length: m. 15,50
Maximum width: m. 4,78
Displacement: 15,900 kg
Ballast: 4,850 kg
Draft: 2.80 m (optional 2.35 m)
Sail area: 155 square meters
Engine: Volvo 50 hp (optional 75 hp) with Saildrive
Water: 510 liters
Fuel: 370 liters
Design: Javier Soto Acebal
Interior design: Roseo Design



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