The myth of Jacques Cousteau is reborn. All set for the launch of the film. VIDEO

cosuetauTwenty years after his death, Commander Jacques Cousteau takes another step toward becoming a legend. Everything is ready for the theatrical release of “L’Odyssée,” the new film entirely dedicated to Cousteau. Playing the legendary Frenchman is Lambert Wilson, an actor capable of alternating between auteur interpretations such as “Molière on a Bicycle” and colossals such as “Matrix reloaded.”

A film that stands out, you can see already in this trailer, for stunning cinematography and dreamy images above and below water.

L’ODYSSEE / TEASER from Jérôme Salle on Vimeo.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau (Saint-André-de-Cubzac, June 11, 1910 – Paris, June 25, 1997) was a French explorer, navigator, military man,oceanographer and filmmaker, capable of winning three Academy Awards.

Cousteau liked to call himself an “oceanographic technician.” He was a sophisticated lover of nature, especially marine nature. His work enabled people from all continents to visit the life beneath the ocean surface and explore through television the resources of the “blue continent.” The work Cousteau produced also created a new kind of scientific communication that caused him some criticism from traditional academics. The so-called popularization, a simple and understandable form of sharing scientific concepts, was soon used for other disciplines and became one of the most popular features of modern television broadcasts.




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