The bulletin board with VELA Cup Summer participants and veterans is online. Discover the featured boats

formentonTAG Heuer VELA Cup Summer – Mario Formenton Trophy 2016: are you curious to see who will participate in the Sailing Festival of the summer? We have posted online photos of all the boats that have already registered and the veterans of the Formenton Trophy that you can meet at the starting line on August 20 in Porto Rafael. You haven’t signed up yet? Doing it is very easy, just click on this link and fill out the online form in a few seconds: also send us a picture of your boat with a few lines telling its story, I would see it posted on the board in a short time along with those of other participants.

We would also like to remind you that the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Summer – Mario Formenton Trophy on Saturday, Aug. 20 is a regatta/sailing event open to all boats of all sizes and shapes, with no age restrictions, no red tape or technical complications, with
rankings compiled according to length
.Everyone can participate. The more relaxed “white sails”-without spi and gennaker-will have a reserved ranking, and the more fierce crews who want to compete by exploiting the full potential of the boat and crew capabilities in the regatta class, while the boats with tonnage certificates will have the Formenton Trophy rankings for them.

TAG Heuer VELA Cup Summer – Mario Formenton Trophy
then moves, once the regatta is over, to the marina of Porto Rafel and culminates in a big party by the sea withthe award ceremony, music, cocktails and buffet offered by the organizers.
There will be boats of all types, from Ourdream, the R&P-designed Maxi 80 to the J24s, from the legendary Yawl Sparkman&Stephens Loki to the fierce Rodman 42 Cheyenne, and we remind you that there will also be a ranking dedicated to the
, or boats built between 1965 and 1999 in fiberglass.
That’s the beauty of the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Summer – Mario Formenton Trophy. At the start alongside you could find anyone: because when we say it’s a party for everyone, we mean everyone!



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