TESTED – X4⁰, there’s new in Denmark: the test preview. PHOTOS and VIDEO

The path of our trip this time was long and took us all the way to Haderslev, a small town of just over 21,000 in southern Denmark. X-Yachts celebrated its 40th anniversary, and the Danish company, founded in 1979, decided that this special birthday should coincide with a boat: the X4⁰. We took a flight to Hamburg, and from there we drove the 200 km to the X-Yachts headquarters. On display at the entrance to the yard was the old X-79, the first boat designed by Niels Jeppesen, who 40 years later continues to design the water lines of new models.

The X-79 displayed at the entrance to the shipyard in Haderslev. Giuffrè Photos

The day we had aboard X4⁰ was marked by light breeze, rain, and flat water. The X4⁰ is a cruising boat; it was not designed on a racing rule but simply designed to sail well. X-Yachts’ epoxy construction has always been a guarantee of rigid and lightweight hulls. Although it is therefore a cruising boat, it is one where the engine at the first opportunity goes out.

And so it was during our test. The anemometer read just 6.5-7 knots on the heaviest gusts, but upwind at a true 45-degree angle the boat was making peaks at 5.7 knots. Speed up to 6.1-6.2 under gennaker with a true angle around 100-110 degrees. The hull glides well and gives a very good smooth feel even in dips in the wind, when the boat naturally maintains its buoyancy.

Aesthetically, the look recalls all the canons of the “Pure X” line, or the range that represents the middle ground between the Xp dedicated to performance and the Xc dedicated to cruising. The X4⁰ is the boat that completed downward this line. The deckhouse design of the larger models is replicated, along with pulled lines at the bow and softer lines at the stern, where there is a soft knee and no real step.

6 winches in the model under test: two for the German-style mainsail, two for the headsails, and two for the deckhouse winches. The particularity of those in the mainsail is to be partially encased. From the mainsman’s position or the helmsman’s position, the ergonomics are perfect. From the standpoint of hindrance this is reduced, maneuvering the sheet from a position more toward the bow makes the choice less comfortable.


DesignerX-Yachts Design Team
Length. f.t.12.09 m39’8″
Hull length11.5 m37’9″
Length. gall10.4 m34’1″
Beam (max)3.81 m12’6″
Standard draft2.1 m6’11”
Deep fishing2.4 m7’10”
Bulb weight – standard3070 kg6768 lbs
Displacement – light7800 kg17196 lbs
Engine (Diesel)21 kW29 hp
Diesel tank – standard200 ltr53 gal(US)
Water tank- standard300 ltr79 gal(US)






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