TAG Heuer VELA Cup Lerici – All the CLASSIFICATIONS.


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HERE we told you how the first – crowded – edition of the TAG Heuer VELA Cup in Lerici went, HERE you can find all the photos and now we add the last missing piece: the rankings. We reveal all the results: but first our congratulations go to Federico Serafini and Leonardo Mencacci: The two young sailors, aboard QQ2 (pictured above), a small 29er (4.45 x 1.77-meter dinghy), triumphed in the Overall standings after a resounding performance: they finished in twelfth place in actual, putting them behind boats four times as long as their hull!

OVERALL WINNER: QQ2 (29er), Federico Serafini and Leonardo Mencacci.

FIRST IN REAL TIME: Mistera (Farr 66), Fausto Bugliano.

OVERALL CROCIERA WINNER: Trilogy (Latini 52), Ferdinando Battistella.

Cruise, Class 3 (9.51 to 11 m): 1. Zuzu (Hanse 342), Massimo Zugnino; 2. Biba (Solaris 37), Andrea Centini; 3. Work in Progress (Bonin 36), Alessandro Brambilla; 4. Tanimara (Ziggurat 995), Massimo Gianardi; 5. Daniela Kant (First 36.7), Carlo Folci; 6. Graal (Ziggurat 995), Gianni Bresciani; 7. Lea Loa (Show 34), Francesco Barone; 7. Astrea (Oceans 34), John Giarelli.

Cruise, Class 4 (11.01 to 13 m): 1 . Jonathan VII (IMX-38), Andrea Cuoghi; 2. Attila (Grand Soleil 43), Attilio Jublin; 3. Alisea (Barberis 421), Fiorenza Guidotti; 4. Snob (Grand Soleil 42), Luigi Faliva; 5. Paperoga (Grand Soleil 40 R), Lorenzo Cerulli; 6. Velania (Sweden 38), Roberto Bagnoli; 7. Bruscolo (Vismara 38), Paolo Bruscolo; 8. Algorithm 3 (Dufour 412 GL), Giangiacomo Spanio; 9. Sea Wave (Bavaria 38 H); 10. Paradise (Oceanis 390), Alberto Dilda; 10. Pigra (Solaris 37), Piergiorgio Ruggeri; 10. Alvarosky (GS 40 CR), Simone Ferrante; 10. Calypso (Oceanis 42.3 Clipper), Pietro Solari.

Cruise, Class 5 (13.01 to 15 m): 1. Pestifera 2 (Dufour 44), Stefano Ferrari; 2. Lirae (Dufour 44), Pierluigi Gaddi.

Cruise, Class 6 (15.01 to 19 m): 1. Trilogy (Latini 52), Ferdinando Battistella.

Followed by 8 unclassified boats

OVERALL REGatta WINNER: Mistera (Farr 66), Fausto Bugliano.

Regatta, Class 1 (up to 7.50 m): 1 . QQ2 (29er), Federico Serafini and Leonardo Mencacci; 2. White Blade (Tè Salt), Antonio Coi; 3. Piontek (Melges 20), Cossu-Depalma; 3. El Paso Felpado (Avventura 70), Gaetano Ruggeri.

Regatta, Class 2 (7.51 to 9.50 m): 1 . Bagua (Farr 30), Pier Francesco Calò; 2. Bugatti Again (Proto) Cesare Boldrini; 3. Pingone di Mare (Elan 31), Guglielmo Cresci; 4. Sound of Silence (First 31.7), Roberto Roccati; 5. Madrisca (First 26), Martino Iovisolo; 5. Fox (Beneteau 9.50), Gabriele Ascolese; 5. Refola (Jouet 760), Alessandro Vagelli.

Regatta, Class 3 (9.51 to 11 m): 1 . Roxanne (X-332), Carlo Gabbanini; 2. Midva (3/4 ton), Davide Besana; 3. Shide (First 36.7), Simone Ronchini; 4. Ciaccio 3 (Elan 333), Gianni Badini; 4. Alykè (Sun Odyssey 36i), Federico Galletti.

Regatta, Class 4 (11.01 to 13 m): 1 . Raffica 3 (Grand Soleil 43), Walter Tronconi; 2. Stella Filante (Brenta 44), Giorgio Vanelo; 3. L’Una (Solaris 42), Carlo Tabellini; 4. Cheyenne (Rodman 42), Tommaso Oriani; 5. Gigiat (Grand Soleil 39), Pietro Antonini; 6. Teseo 2000 (Comet 38), Carlo Stefanini; 7. Margherita (Grand Soleil 42), Gaetano Lauretano.

Regatta, Class 5 (13.01 to 15 m): 1 . Plana (Grand Soleil 47), Mauro Nastati; 2. Giodia (Sun Odyssey 44.9), Giorgio Bardin; 3. MondoX (Sun Odyssey 45), Bruno Furlani.

Regatta, Class 6 (15.01 to 19 m): 1. Out of Office (Ice 52), Roberto Vetta.

Regatta, Class 7 (over 19 m): 1 . Mistera (Farr 66), Fausto Bugliano.


Special Vintage Boat Award (pre-1969): Melisande (Cutter) Eduardo Szego.

Special Prize Classic Boats (pre-1988): Gigiat (Grand Soleil 39), Pietro Antonini.

Special Gentleman Yachting Award: Bruscolo (Vismara 38), Paolo Bruscoli.

Last Place Special Award: Onda Marina (Bavaria 38 H), Francesco Barbacci.




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