Swan 36 Clubs in the Heart of Croatia

Imagine the most advanced and high-performance monotype boat of the moment, the Club Swan 36, the small foiler designed by Juan kouyoumdjian. Imagine being able to train on this boat, with your crew, guided by a team of professionals who will follow every step of your experience. Imagine being able to do this in the crystal-clear waters of Split, Croatia, a place where you can alternate boat trips with swimming along fine sandy beaches, without letting a visit to the historic Diocletian Palace slip ashore. All this from this year is a reality and it is called ACI Sail. What are we talking about?


This is a project that was officially unveiled at the last Genoa Boat Show and has been operational since this year. ACI is an entity established in 1983 that today groups together 22 ports totally dedicated to nautical tourism along the Croatian coast.

ACI Sail is the initiative entirely dedicated to sailing and realized with the partnership of Nautor’s Swan and in particular the shipyard’s Club division. The core of the project is the training center at Split Marina, coordinated by Olympic sailor Ivan Kljaković Gašpić, with a fleet of 6 Club Swan 36s. Boats available for targeted training, team building or for rental


ACI has been in the boating business for more than 30 years, and this level of love, of passion and knowledge of the sea only very few companies in the world can offer it. ACI Sail is a continuation of our rich sailing tradition in a modern edition. In addition to the innovative and advanced sailboat with top sailors such as Ivan Kljaković Gašpić, we will also offer a unique and recognizable concept of sailing in the Adriatic,” explained Kristijan Pavić, the ACI general manager.


The choice of 36′ is no accident, as it is reminiscent of the first Swan Tarantella, which was indeed a 36-footer. The Club Swan 36, however, is nothing like its predecessor. This is a monotype with C-shaped foils designed to reduce hydrodynamic drag and provide an even positive draft when sailing upwind. Flared bulwarks and an inverted bow give this boat the typical aesthetics of the latest generation of racers.



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