Sunbeam Juice: two students and their idea of the boat of the future. Do you like it?

sunbeam juiceTwo Austrian design students have posted a video online about how they envision the sailboat of the future, the Sunbeam Juice. Of course, we are talking about a pure concept, and certain choices appear decidedly extreme. But what do you think?

Two young Austrian students,Christoph Andrejcic et Jakob Tiefenbacher, envisioned a concept that embodies their idea of the boat of the future. A colorful boat, called Sunbeam Juice, with simple lines but decidedly unusual choices (no side, hull-mounted portholes, but fenders built into the sides, just to give an example…) in the sailing world, but all focused “on attracting young people to the world of boating,” as the two designers tell it.

Do you like it?



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