So Pará will turn acrylic fabric waste into a new fabric

Conscious industrial choices with full respect for the environment, environmental sustainability, preservation of natural resources, responsibility to current and future generations….topics that are increasingly topical but have always been present in the philosophy of Parà, which for three generations has been producing aesthetically pleasing, high-tech fabrics used for sun protection, interior and exterior furnishings, and boating.

Parà will be part of the REACT project, a project that is part of the European Horizon 2020 program and will deal with the management of acrylic fabric waste from curtains and outdoor furniture.

A 36-month pathway that will result in a recycled fabric where all previously deposited substances, such as finishes or dirt from exposure, will be disposed of in a completely sustainable manner.

The ultimate goal will be to reduce the environmental impact of acrylic fabrics from the sunscreen and outdoor furniture sectors by consequently reducing the volumes of waste going to landfill.

To maximize the impact of the results, recommendations will be produced on production chain implementation (management and recovery of production waste), design and production of materials to improve recyclability, and recommendations for technology transfer (knowledge transfer to other products and applications) and standards to be applied.

For the project’s main activities, research on the removal and management of substances from acrylic textile waste, major international research centers will be involved, while major European industries will be involved to address the entire recycling process of acrylic textile waste, from recovery to reprocessing and new textile production.

Pará will be entrusted with the implementation of important project steps such as classifying all processable waste, setting up a recovery system and processing it. Martel will support the entire consortium for communication, dissemination and exploitation activities because of his extensive experience in disseminating results of international research projects.



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