Do you want to work in boating? These are the right skipper courses for you

skipper coursesSince the pandemic and the explosion of the “boat as a safe vacation” phenomenon, we in the newsroom have been bombarded with inquiries from charter companies looking for skippers, stewards, hostesses, cooks, and crew. Even in our classifieds market, the trend is confirmed: the rental sector is expanding, demand is strong. Never before has there been such a need for specialized (and professionalized) personnel to meet that demand.


“Perfect, all I have to do is fill out a nice resume boasting of shipboard experience and finding a job will be a breeze,” someone will say. It doesn’t work that way. One does not improvise as a skipper or shipboard steward. Charter companies, agencies, and boating brokers today require experienced personnel who can handle any situation on a boat. If you plan to work in this area of boating, know that your foundation will need to be solid and documented. That’s why it is critical, in order to have a secure job future, to take the right skipper and steward courses.

Such as those of the Captains & CrewMaritime Academy for Recreation, an organization that has made professionalism and seriousness its strengths. It is no coincidence that the personnel trained by the highly professionalizing school coordinated by Commandant Ugo Carsana and Sabina Pagliei and with the participation of instructor Alesandro Pofferi Is highly regarded in the industry. The secret?


A “craft” approach, based on a very articulate and rigorous teaching plan that manages to transfuse into practical fundamentals what theory, the notions studied in various professional courses alone cannot give. It is a school that is aimed primarily at those who are already working in the nautical charter business or at least have already obtained the titles and qualifications to do so, but wish to deepen their skills and abilities in order to establish themselves in the job market, which, in Italy, is strongly affected by foreign competition.

A team of experienced captains, skippers as well as insiders are in charge of organizing the various activities carried out on a daily basis during the two-week training course, drawing on the cooperation of professionals in each field. From CPR training course director for “first aid,” to Counselor for “managing relationships and conflicts on board” course, to apnea instructor with Apnea Academy teaching for Apnea course, business manager of major charter companies. Captains & Crew also follows the career path of its students even after the end of the course.


There are three skipper and steward courses scheduled soon-the first one starts in just over two months-which we recommend you enroll in, depending on your level of experience. The ultimate goal? The training and selection of qualified skippers and hostesses who will be able to join the Captains & Crew team with the possibility, through the school’s synergy with charter companies in Italy and abroad, of being placed in the yachting job market.

The best students in the skipper courses also will have the possibility of an additional boarding experience at no charge: a 25-day ocean voyage by flotilla between La Rochelle and Italy. A unique educational pathway that last year’s students, some of whom worked during the last summer season, are familiar with.


Where: Marina di Cannigione Boarding
When: October 16 to 31 2021
Boats: monohull sailboats / catamarans
Objective: to perceive the sea as a professional activity


Where: Cannigione Marina Boarding
When: October 28, to November 11, 2021
Boats: sailing monohulls/catamarans
Goal: To professionalize the role of captain

For course participants who wish to continue with professional Anglo-Saxon didactics, appropriate certification will be issued for the purpose of traveling and keeping watch.


Where: Marina di Cannigione
When: October 28 to November 4, 2021
Boats: monohull sailboats / catamarans
Goal: To professionalize the role of Hostess / Steward


Places are of course limited and a selection will be made.
The criteria for selecting participants for the skipper/hostess course will be on a basis:

  1. Nautical Curriculum.
  2. Knowledge of a foreign language
  3. Order of arrival of confirmation emails.

A boating license is required for admission to the 1st level course. Other qualifications held are preferred.
For admission to the 2nd level course , an S.L boat license is required knowledge of a foreign language . Other qualifications held are preferred.
Experience in this field and knowledge of a foreign language are required for admission to the hostess course.


To participate in upcoming courses, send your CV to: mailto:, or contact +39 3498987032, or visit and



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