SCOOP Milan Yachting Week, how the digital boat show of the moment is emerging

Pazzi? Perhaps, but when the lockdown went off on March 10 and the web exploded, in a meeting of the extended editorial staff of Sailing Newspaper, Powerboats and Top Yacht Design, we decided to turn our work around. And create a digital outlet capable of channeling our web “assets” of nearly two million visitors to our sites to a new editorial product.

What is behind the branding of Milan Yachting Week? Many of you may have figured it out: the waves at the tail of the logo are nothing more than the initial letters, in Morse code, of the event (MYW). A telegraph code that came into operation in 1844, so simple and straightforward that it remained the international standard for maritime communications until 1999. Instead, the three colors in which the logo is divided are meant to ideally represent the sea and boating in all its facets.

The name was already there:
Milan Yachting Week
, like the event that was supposed to be held in Milan’s Darsena, postponed to 2021 due to Covid.

Do we? Let’s do it!

We were talking about the first real digital trade show in history: you will forgive our arrogance, but what will open next September 15 (and remain open and visitable for a year) is not a catalog, not a mere transposition of an online trade show.

It is a digital place where all “sea lovers”, lovers of the sea in all its forms will be able to feel at home: the best of sailing and motor boats told by those who produce them, with photos, videos, renderings; accessories, services, a rich panel of events and great sailing personalities (we give you a little sneak peek: Luna Rossa and Mascalzone Latino will have entire pavilions dedicated to them, as TAG Heuer).

We are journalists and we will tell you about Milan Yachting Week as journalists, organizing your visit as best we can and making it an easy and intuitive experience.

All you have to do is register for free and launch yourself among the booths in the “onshore” part or among the boats in the marina. And if you fall in love with a product, you can buy it right away with one click.

The challenge we are facing is not an easy one, but fortunately we are not alone. Together with us a team of young creatives, graphic designers, webmasters is sweating seven shirts, in this torrid July, to offer you a product that makes our industry (which has always been a bit “ankylosed”), in step with the times.

Below we literally “stole” from our illustrator and webmaster the author sketches from which the virtual maps of Milan Yachting Week and the “wireframes” that will make up the architecture of the site will come to life.

Here is what we are preparing for you.



In the ideal map surrounding Milan’s “digital” Dockyard, you will find: the Accessories/Electronics/Motors/Fishing, Yacht Charter/Tourism, Services/Leisure/Sea life, Events/Meetings and “premium” branded pavilions (such as Luna Rossa, TAG Heuer and Mascalzone Latino).


In the in-water part, easily accessible from the shoreline map, a marina where you will find, on the water and in the stands, the best of the sail and power boat market, divided by boatyard. You can chat with producers and book a physical visit on board!

Discover the Boat Show of the moment in seconds: in this short video, we preview how easy it will be to explore Milan Yachting Week

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