Schenker’s bestselling watermaker and other goodies starring at VELAFestival

On display at the TAG Heuer VELAFestival were the best solutions for making your boat as comfortable as home. This included desalinators from Schenker Watermakers (whom we wish well for turning 20!). At the dockside booth in Santa could not miss the new ultra-compact watermaker Zen: it may be because of its ease of installation, its efficiency, or even the design that make the product aesthetically pleasing as well, the fact remains that the company has sold, in just a few months, already 200 units worldwide!

They are lightweight, very quiet, and therefore suitable for installation aboard smaller boats. The low-slung shape facilitates mounting with few positioning constraints, such as horizontally on the bottom of a locker or vertically on a wall in the utility room, almost like a picture. In full compliance with the Zen philosophy, the machines, thanks to a new generation energy recovery system, are extremely simple and efficient. The basic model that produces 30 liters/hour of fresh water requires only 110 watts of power consumption.

Innovation and energy savings are at the heart of Schenker desalinators as the machines use the patented “Energy Recovery System” device that amplifies the pressure of normal low-pressure pumps and recovers hydraulic energy back from the membranes, enabling a reduction in power consumption of up to 80 percent.




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