Salona’s eco turn: the 33, 35 and 380 will also be electrically powered

The Salona 33, 35 and 380 will be optionally powered by the Oceanvolt electric propulsion system. Sail Drives are the technology of choice, and also the most advanced, and the pairing with Oceanvolt is a big step forward for Salona, for a new era in modern “green” boating.

The yachts, as usual, will be entirely built in Croatia and will be powered by an Oceanvolt electric propulsion system from Finland. This quiet electric propulsion, with no noise, minimal fumes and vibration, will require no special maintenance. The 10 kW motor will have its ideal speed at 2200 rpm, and is powered by a 48 V DC lithium battery system. These batteries are 45% lighter than other LiFe products on the market, so they will not burden the boat’s displacement with their weight. The electric Salona 35 will be officially launched in summer 2019.



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