Sailing extends life: science says so!

That a sailing vacation makes one happy is nothing new. But science has discovered why.
The secret lies in proximity to water: this was revealed in a 10-year scientific study published in the prestigious journal Environmental Psychology and unearthed by our friends at Sailsquare. Research has shown that water has the power to release chemicals related to happiness: specifically comedopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. And a happy life translates into a longer life. We can say it: sailing extends life.

Here, in five points, is why the beneficial effects of a cruise:

1. The sea relaxes us.
According to one study, even just looking at the sea is enough to calm us down on a subconscious level: looking at images of a seascape, in fact, triggers the parts of our brain associated with a positive attitude, emotional stability and the retrieval of positive memories.

2. Natural landscapes invigorate the tired mind.
In the study, the performance and concentration of two groups of students were analyzed: one who was assigned rooms with sea views and another who was given rooms on urban views. The first group not only gave brighter results, but also demonstrated a greater attention span.

3. Water makes happy.
According to responses submitted during a study using the Mappiness app (more than one million responses), not only are people happier when they are outdoors, they are 5.2 percent happier when they were near a body of water.

4. Sea air is healthy.
This is a type of air that is rich in mineral salts, which our bodies are able to assimilate through breathing. Experts recommend breathing deeply of the brackish air, especially taking advantage of times when the sea is rough and waves release more sodium chloride, magnesium, iodine and potassium particles.

5. The color blue brings stillness and relief.
Physically speaking, the color blue slows down vegetative functions, such as heart, respiratory and blood pressure rhythms. Try being in a blue room, heart rates decrease while objects seem smaller and lighter. Psychologically speaking, it represents stillness, contentment, and inner harmony.



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