Rolex Middle Sea Race: you are the most beautiful in the Mediterranean! In 115 on the start of Malta

SCARLET SAILPLANE, Sail No, GBR 4620, Boat type, First 45, Entrant Name, Ross Applebey, Skipper, Ross Applebey, Country, United Kingdom

It’s time for the Rolex Middle Sea Race, it’s time for the finest regatta to be run in the Mediterranean, set to start this morning from Malta. The most iconic 600 miles of world sailing return to the scene, along with those of the Fastnet and Hobart, which have made international yachting history. Depart Malta, circumnavigate Sicily in an anti-clockwise direction, leaving Stromboli, Favignana, Pantelleria and Lampedusa on the left. Memorable pages of the racing world have been written around the “Trinacria” and its islands. The 2019 edition, with 115 boats, will also be no different.



But how will the weather behave? October is a “breakup” month; the anticyclone is no longer present in the Mediterranean, and major depression fronts can enter from the northwest bringing very strong currents, generally from the Mistral. This does not seem to be the case at the moment; in fact, the forecast calls for mild temperatures and southeast winds, at least until Monday. Beware, however, of what comes next, especially for the smaller boats in the fleet.


New, One Ton by Sergio Mazzoli

O Warrior, Comet 41s by Alessandro Ciofani

Papazulu, RM1360 by Francesca Scendrate

Pegasus, Akilaria 950 by Francesco Conforto

Prima Vista Lauria, Ice 52, skipper Gabriele Bruni

Ad Maiora, Orma 60 by Bruno Cardile

Aigylion, GS 34 by Beppe Fornich

Amapola, Oceanis 430 by Gherardo Maviglia

Andromeda, Elan 400 by Michele Manzoni

Angelica II, One Off Sciarelli by Antonio Centrone

Aquaranta, A40 of the Orza Sailing Center

Asià, Outremer 55 Light, Marcello Patrizi

Muttley, Figaro 3 by Luca Bettiati

BeWild, Swan 42 by Renzo Grottesi

Chestress, J109 by Leonardo Petti

Divina, Dufour 460 by Enzo Ricordo

Gioki D’Acqua, Viva 48 Alaver by Gian Mario Santarelli

IAIAI, Elan 37 by Marcello Queirolo

Libertine, Comet 45 by Marco Paolucci

Photodynamic Lima, Lap 34 by Francesco Cerina

Lupa Of The Sea, Baltic 78 by Fabio Cannavale

Mon Ile, First 40 by Gianrocco Catalano



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