ROGUE BUREAUCRACY. The computerized registry is finally a reality. MAY

bureaucracyRemember the phantom computerized registry, repeatedly promised and then disappeared in the meanderings of political halls? Maybe that something is really moving?

During his visit to the Genoa Boat Show, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Riccardo Nencini announced that the text of the implementing regulation of the Telematic Register of Recreational Craft will go for ratification at the next Council of Ministers. Perhaps the time is really approaching when we can forget about the Duplication (er, multiplication) of controls at sea. Let’s really hope so.

However, several problems remain for which a short-term solution is not in sight. Like the absurd rule that one could not use the DSC distress button without, of course, paying a fee…

Or even the inability to obtain a boating license for those who use prescription glasses and see poorly out of one eye….

Or … the difficulty of discovering the quibbling regulations of many of the marine protected areas (each makes its own rules), which prevents us from fully experiencing the beauty of our coasts. Last but not least, the incredible complications of the
safety equipment
that every yachtsman is obliged to have on board or the ways in which flares are disposed of



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