Rental Special: where do you go if you don’t have a boat

Sailing vacations will be popular again this summer: from tomorrow

we present a choice of reliable and safe operators

As was the case last year, the watchwords for (all) vacations this summer 2021 will be safety and distancing. Because while it is true that the pandemic seems to be losing some of its strength, thanks to the arrival of the good season and along with the growth of the vaccination campaign, likewise tourists – those who have always boating lovers but not only, indeed. – they will once again go in search of destinations and types of vacations that can first and foremost guarantee them precisely to Be safe and “spaced out”.

What could be better, then, than a sailing vacation? Nothing and in fact it only remains to figure out how to organize from a practical point of view a summer on a boat that, much more than in the recent “pre-pandemic” past, really offers so many opportunities especially for those who want to sail “comfortably” by taking a charter boat.

And it is precisely chartering that is a fast-growing sector throughout Italy: suffice it to say that today about 50 percent of the total number of sailboats produced is destined precisely for the tourist charter sector. A sector that obviously also puts safety and sanitation protocols for boats first, but then as always also offers cruising solutions that are suitable for all needs and, most importantly, all budgets.

For the coming summer – which experts say. Will extend beyond the classic months of July and August through the end of September and probably into October as well-you can charter both monohulls and catamarans, with or without a skipper; and still you can find cabin or flotilla solutions, proposed for one or more weeks, as well as for a long weekend. Not forgetting the opportunity of the management boat or yacht management.

In all cases, the first element not to be underestimated is that of the reliability of the operator to whom one should turn. That is why from today we will tell you every day for two weeks just which are the best boat rental companies: they are all operators who give quality services combined with even more solid safety guarantees.



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