QUIZ Are you a good sailor or a colossal dud? Ten questions to find out

We have selected 10 sailor questions/quizzes for you to answer to see if you are a true longshoreman. Answer on the fly, on impulse, and then look at the correct answers.

-If you answered at least 8 quizzes the right way, you are a very good sailor.
-If you answered at least 5 quizzes the right way, you are a decent sailor.
-If you answered at least 3 quizzes the right way, you are a Sunday sailor.

Let’s get started!


1. Vessels serving recreational units̀ (tenders) at what distance from the coast can they sail?
(a) Within 6 miles of the coast.
(b) Within 1 mile of the coast.
(c) Within 1 mile of the coast or parent unit, wherever that may be.

2. In load-bearing gaits the area of the sail adjacent to the leech must be kept:
(a) Flat.
(b) Concave.
(c) Convex.

3. On the Douglas scale of sea state, the digit 5 corresponds to:
(a) Very rough.
(b) Very agitated.
(c) Agitated.

4. Generally, the weather improves if:
(a) The pressure increases and the moisture content increases.
(b) The pressure decreases and the moisture content decreases.
(c) The pressure increases and the moisture content decreases.

5. Low pressures generally shift:
(a) From O toward E.
(b) From E to O.
(c) From N toward S.

6. The bow triangle is:
(a) The deck area forward of the mast.
(b) The part of the sail plan bounded by the mast and forestay and the distance between the mast and the tack point.
(c) The point where the jib is hoisted.

7. The anchor that looks like a plowshare is called:
(a) Hall.
(b) Bruce.
(c) C.Q.R.

8. A boat that has a waterline length of 7.6 meters what speed can it reach upwind?
(a) 7.6 knots.
(b) 6.7 knots.
(c) 5.8 knots.

9. What is “grippia”?
(a) A line that is tied to the anchor ring to prevent the anchor from plowing.
(b) A line that is tied to the anchor diamond for easy retrieval.
(c) A line that can be tied to the spindle to adjust the anchorage.

10. Mainsail refuses in the area near the mast:
(a) We retract the jib sheet carriage.
(b) Let go of the mainsail halyard.
(c) We tension the mainsail halyard.



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