PVC vs Teak: which one to choose for deck covering?


Permateek blanket installed by Refit Style
Permateek blanket installed by Refit Style

Of the many alternatives to teak that exist on the market, certainly synthetic siding is the one that has been gaining momentum in recent years, along with different solutions such as cork. The benefits of replacing teak with a synthetic coating, which some call synthetic teak, are diverse, and are convincing more and more owners to choose this solution. When buying a new boat, a great many shipyards offer the synthetic as an option to the future owner, but it is also perfect for refitting a used boat. The synthetic siding we are telling you about today is Permateek’s installed by Refit Style, a material composed of recyclable PVC that combines innovative features with extensive customization possibilities. In Italy it is sold and processed exclusively by Refit Style, and is designed specifically for the boat world.

The 10 advantages of Eliteek PVC over teak

  1. Does not require periodic treatment and maintenance
  2. It does not change its color over time
  3. Resistant to UV rays and warms up less when exposed to high temperatures
  4. Resists shock and wear, plus does not absorb liquids
  5. Permateek’s PVC is self-extinguishing
  6. The aesthetics are fully customizable (15 different colors and 3 different colors for the joints), and different combinations and shades can also be chosen to cover accessories and furnishings0
  7. The material is 100% recyclable
  8. Non-slip grip is optimal even in wet and humid conditions
  9. Machining and installation are handcrafted, carried out with the utmost precision
  10. Any repairs are very easy to make

PVC blanket or. resin!

Refit Style also processes resin, for deck plans that are highly resistant to oil and wear and environmentally friendly. Cooldeck resin that the company installs is certified to meet the International Maritime Organization’s maritime safety and pollution standards. It is a product consisting of natural components, fibers, and color pigments that are totally environmentally sustainable. In addition, having a resin deck means drastically reducing the use of chemicals used for cleaning, such as detergents and soaps, which are harmful to the marine environment (and beyond).



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