Ponza, will the marina at Le Forna become a reality?

ponzaPonza, one of the most sought-after destinations in the Tyrrhenian Sea, will be able to have its own marina. Finally, because finding berths on the island has always been a real challenge (Remember, for example, that in 2009 the Latina prosecutor placed almost all the floating docks in the harbor, 350 berths, under seizure, forcing those who had decided to set course for the island to anchor in the roadstead?) (Pictured above is one of the project proposals, that of Marina di Cala dell’Acqua Ltd.)

Mayor Piero Vigorelli firmly and strongly believes in the need for the construction of the harbor at Le Forna, to promote tourism in the “northern” part of the island and to restore the decay of the former bentonite quarry, as well as to rationalize certain moorings now present in the cove next door (Cala Feola) and generally increase the tourist services offered by the island. Together with Ports Councillor Giuseppe Feola, they put the procedures for issuing the concession “back on track” (“cunningly” partly not carried out by previous administrations, such as the non-publication in the Official Journal of the European Community in 2009, failures that could have engendered appeals to the TAR and block everything again …).

January 20, 2016 is the deadline for any third parties to submit any new Applications under the Burlando Law in competition with projects already filed. As of that date, and having completed the legal timeline for filing any opinions on “running” projects, the Services Conference will be convened (indicatively April/May 2016).

There is only money to be gained. Jobs created, satisfaction with a consistently high supply from boaters, redevelopment of a brownfield site. The online newspaper H24 Notizie reads, “In 2008, the Marina di Ponza Srl company had applied to the municipality for a 50-year maritime state-owned concession for the construction and management of a marina at Cala dell’Acqua, below the Le Forna locality. This was followed by two other requests from the companies Marina di Cala dell’Acqua Srl and Cala de’ Medici Srl, based on the Burlando Law. In 2009 the plans and plans of the three companies were acquired, a Services Conference was called by the then administration but a few days later it was revoked. Then nothing more was heard until today.”

According to Mayor Vigorelli, the project for a marina in Cala dell’Acqua was opposed because it could potentially divert “a good chunk of tourism” to Le Forna, and “it has been preferred in the past to protect the interests and huge profits of a few private individuals, at the expense of the interests of other tour operators and the hard-working people of Ponza.”. Among other things, 31 people (including former Ponza Mayor Pompeo Porzio) were recently remanded for trial based on an investigation aimed at unveiling systems set up to favor certain firms in the management of public contracts and services on the island.



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