Pokemon go sailor. The summer boat game. All the tricks

Corsara Cove + pikachuIf you see an assemblage of tenders in a bay heading toward a seemingly empty spot this summer, don’t be surprised. You only need a hint to know what they are doing if on board the tender they are holding a smartphone pointed at a specific spot where everyone converges, then they are playing Pokemon Go, the App launched in Italy a few days ago that is driving an army of 30- to 40-year-olds, as well as kids around the world, crazy. In the U.S. alone, there are already 65 million Pokemon Go players.
Why is this App a perfect game to use this summer on a boat? Because’ it seems specially made for fun when you are at roadstead, after a nice swim, to go hunting for Pokemon “sailors” with the tender. But also spend an evening in the harbor or in the village. A great idea for parents who are snubbed by their children on vacation. And they suffer from it. With Pokemon Go you do something with the kids without making them bored, in fact.
For those who don’t know, Pokemon Go, available for Apple and Android smartphones, is a game where you hunt for Pokemon (famous off-line game for kids), curious little animals, taking advantage of augmented reality (i.e., using geolocation and one’s camera to find and catch Pokémon in the real world). Pokémon Go a game that echoes some of the principles of the Pokémon games that came out for Game Boy and then for other devices over the years: in Pokémon Go, however, each player must roam the world (the real world) and search for and catch Pokémon, with the goal of making them stronger so they can challenge other players’ Pokémon. Pokemon Go is well suited to playing it on a boat, dozens of colonies of the critters have already’ been spotted along Italian coasts and islands. And if you can’t find them, use the bait (yes just like the fish bait) that is used to attract small animals. One trick is to fiddle with your smartphone by stopping the time, so you can enjoy the lure for as long as you want, since the lure appears timed, linked to the phone clock.



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