Never so together! See all the boats at the Grand Soleil Cup 2022

Grand soleil cup
Grand Soleil Cup 2022

A memorable spectacle was staged in Tuscany on the stage of Punta Ala, the 20th Grand Soleil Cup, May 20-22, 2022.

More than a celebration of the Italian shipyard, it was a true festival on the sea and ashore. Showcasing 43 boats, more than 500 sailors aboard Grand Soleils of various generations, from 1973 to the present.

Grand Soleil Cup Spectacle!

Here are the famous 47 protagonists, Grand Soleil from various eras. We present them below to give you a sense of what a spectacle the Grand Soleil Cup was. 22 different models, from 10 to 20 meters first launched from 1973 to 2020 never have so many different Grand Soleils come together.

It was an unforgettable spectacle that, for those with a passion for sailing, sent shivers down the spine.


Here are the 22 models featured in the Grand Soleil Cup 2022 in Punta Ala and the final 43 finishers.

All the protagonists of the Grand Soleil Cup 2022

1. GS 34 (first launch 1973), Finot design, length 10.18 meters, present at GS Cup 2022: Galeone by Enrico Casella 12th classified – Why Not by Andrea Stella 35th classified

2. GS 343 (1985), Jezequel, 10.40 m, present: Mario Badami’s Silver Bullet 9th place.

3. GS 46.3 (1997), J&J, 13.25 m, on stage Gin Dry 3 by Franco Benadi 10th placed

4. GS 34.1 (1999), Vismara, 10.00 m, present: Fabio Gasparri’s Blue Wind 21st placed

5. GS 56 (2001), Briand, 16.80 m, present: Paolissima by Gianluca Poli 1st place

6. GS 43 (2002), J&J, 12.98 m, present: Verdi I by Alfred Gruener 36th ranked

7. GS 50 (2002), Judel&Vrolijk, 14.90, present: Claudio Masotti’s Mythos 17th place – Massimo Tesei’s Strega Marina 37th place.

8. GS 65 Maxi One (2002), Farr, 19.50 m, present: Alessandro Pini’s Ely J 28th classified

9. GS 40 (2004), Botin&Carkeek, 12.12 m, present: Selvaggia by Peter Van den Eynde 14th classified – Good Feeling by Alessandro Fanciulacci 24th classified – Fra4 Paolele by Stefano Zecchi 32nd classified

10. GS 45 (2004), Judel&Vrolijk, 13.90 m, present: Dolce Vita 2 by Antonio Musacchio 16th classified – Blucentaure 2 by Denis Monserand 38th classified – Andira II by Gianluca Ghiaroni 43rd classified

11. GS 43 BC (2006), Botin&Carkeek, 13.25 m, present: Niquida by Lorenzo Merlini Manzoni – Black Tip by Gianluca Borella 22nd classified – Zoe II by Marco Labocetta 33rd classified

12. GS 46 (2008), Botin, 14.50 m, present: None by Andrea Pacinotti – Feniglia by Philippe Van Damme 29th ranked

13. GS 54 (2008), Brenta, 16.35 m, present: Lucas Borg’s Lobster 42nd place

14. GS 43 (2012), Maletto, 13.28 m, present: Raffica 3 by Walter Tronconi 2nd classified – Super G by Alessandro Giannattasio 20th classified – Madness by Roberto Volpi 23rd classified

15. GS 47 (2015), Botin, 14.62 m, present: Alessio Cecchetto’s My Way 3rd place

16. GS 58 Performance (2016), Ferns, 17.50 m, present: Blasco de Felice’s Fenice 2 19th place.

17. GS 48 (2017), Lostuzzi, 16.65 m, present: Bellatrix III by Giovanni Vani 6th classified

18. GS 48 Race (2017), Lostuzzi, 16.65 m, present: Enrico De Crescenzo’s Luduan 2.0 11th placed

19. GS 52 LC (2018) Lostuzzi, 17.05 m, present: 01 by Alberto Osculati 8th place – Mira by Unall Fortunato 15th place – A+A by Angelo Giorgi 25th place – Mariste by Andrea Golinelli 27th place – Wonderland by Marco Cusinato 30th place – Three C’s by Carlo Bertani 31st place – Cristina G by Alberto Ghelfi 41st place

20. GS 34 Race (2018), Skyron, 10.70 m, present: Alessandro D’urso’s Podracer 7th place.

21. GS 42 LC (2019), Lostuzzi, 13.85m, present: Follia by Paolo Anselmi 4th classified – Eleven by Paolo Boricchi 26th classified – Ninin by Marco Sturlese 34th classified – Serendipity 2 by Renato Camodeca 39th classified – Vispa by Stefano Palloni 40th classified

22. GS 44 (2020), Chickens, 14.35 m, present: Fabio Navarra’s Quizos 13th place.


Trivia from the Grand Soleil Cup 2022

The palm of the most represented model at the GS Cup goes to the Grand Soleil 52 LC with 7 boats represented.

The overall winner with three firsts is the beautiful GS 56 Paolissima designed by master Philippe Briand, a multiple winner of Tuscan regattas such as the 151 miles, the Carnevale Cup. On board is the “magician” Roberto Pardini.

The smallest and “oldest” of the fleet, Enrico Casella’s 1976 GS 34 Galeone was not only a lady of the sea but also had excellent races with two 8th place finishes and a 12th place finish.

The GS 52 LC 01 amazed everyone by exhibiting in the last side of the first race a perfect butterfly gait (genoa on one side and mainsail on the other with a tail wind) to make up for the lack of a gennaker. Great idea, great sailors!

The queen of the fleet is the Grand Soleil Maxi One Ely J, a beautiful and rare specimen.

Seen at the GS Cup great sailors with long palmares. Emanuele Cecchini commercial director of Harken, Franco Corazza special projects manager of GS, marco Holm head of the Millenium sailmaker.

He has sold about 500 Grand Soleils in his career, his name is Marco Lagostena, and he is Grand Soleil’s dealer for Liguria. A record!

Owners of a Grand Soleil designed before 2000, get ready. The Grand Soleil Vintage Cup is being held June 18/19 at Portopiccolo in the Gulf of Trieste (to participate 348 9690280).

For once, no sailing for Gigi Servidati, president of Cantiere del Pardo. He was helming a Pardo 43, the motor line from the Pardo Shipyard that builds Grand Soleils.

On Saturday night, more than 300 people gathered at Crew’s Cocktail Party, enjoying a wonderful sunset by the sea. Afterwards, the shipowners were able to relax by the Punta Ala Yacht Club pool during the Gala Dinner organized by the Shipyard.

The award ceremony saw the following people take the top step. of the podium the Grand Soleil 56 Paolissima by Gianluca Poli for the Overall category and for Category A, while Gust 3, GS 43 by Walter Tronconi for Category B and Silver Bullet, GS 343 By Mario Badami for Category C.

First participation in a regatta for Marco Cusinato owner of GS 52LC Wonderland.

Saturday’s regatta was spectacular. Accompanied by southwesterly winds around 10 kn, the boats rounded a disengagement buoy and then headed toward Cerboli Island, sailing around Sparrowhawk Rock for a total of 28 miles.



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