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How to find the right boat? With our choice of safe and reliable charter operators, we help you to find the perfect cruise sailing for the summer!

Navalia, sea vacations without surprises

Available to all sea and boating vacation enthusiasts for more than 25 years, having been founded in 1996, Navalia is a travel agency, tour operator and maritime broker that works every day with passion and expertise to answer all the inquiries that clients send by e-mail or phone about the best ways to organize their cruise vacation without surprises and in the best destinations.

The experienced staff – consisting of three people: Roberto, Gianni and Lisa – is thus well prepared even on charter proposals for the summer of 2022: Navalia in fact already has monohulls and catamarans deployed in many bases around the world, but particularly in the best marinas in Italy, Greece and Croatia. In addition to boats then has seats on flights and cabins on ferries connecting Italy to Croatia and Greece to offer tourists a complete package for a trip with no surprises.

Not only that, every boat Navalia offers throughout the Mediterranean meets the highest safety requirements with all devices and warnings prepared by local maritime and health authorities. Thanks to his care and experience in the industry in fact he is also an agent for Dream Yacht, Sunsail, Moorings and Kiriacoulis: that is, the world’s largest shipowning companies.

– Beautiful cruises around the world

In addition to this, the company works for its clients with more than 400 nautical tourism providers around the world. And even for groups not large enough to charter a boat, Navalia thus offers the opportunity to rent individual cabins on sailboats with skipper only or on prestigious monohulls and catamarans, with crew and all-inclusive treatment.

It should also be emphasized again that the company, since 2000, that is, for a good 22 years, has been exclusively offering its clients the famous “Navalia Safety Kit”: this is a product prepared and designed together with the insurance broker Borghini & Cossa that is perfect for insuring and protecting the boating vacations of its clients. The company awaits all requests for all kinds of sea voyages because it can meet every need related to a boating vacation.

Indeed, as the famous American writer Mark Twain said, “Twenty years from now you will not be disappointed by the things you did, but by the things you did not do.” Then Navalia is waiting to assist and fulfill the desires of all those who want to drop anchor, leave safe harbors and explore, dream and discover.

Navalia – Useful Info

Phone: 051 6360063


Partners: 400 worldwide





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