Meteorivolution arrives, forecasts five times more accurate. Perhaps

Five times more accurate than any previous stream of weather information,
update every 15 minutes of the weather situation (5 minutes for the U.S.), can speed up the data stream every 30 seconds in areas affected by violent or dangerous weather phenomena, the information provided is three times as much as today. Called Goes-16, costing $1.2 billion, the new satellite launched by the United States is revolutionizing the weather forecasting system, making information on weather conditions and forecasts infinitely more accurate, even for those going to sea. But be careful not to believe that everything will change right away and therefore sources of weather information even by sea will finally become more accurate from now on. Companies that process weather forecasts will have to make investments to adapt their software so as to take in and process the massive flow of information that Goes-16 is able to provide. So find out who has already taken up this new flow of information, so you can choose who to turn to for more accurate and reliable weather forecasts than those companies that adopt the “old”, less accurate information instead.

“The picture of the Earth is much more than a pretty picture,” comments Louis W. Uccellini, director of the National Weather Service at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), “Goes-16 will provide a detailed overview of hazardous weather systems by allowing monitoring of their evolution. We will then be able to issue more timely and accurate warning notices and give more information to emergency coordinators.” Here are some spectacular and very useful high-resolution images that the Goes-16 satellite is able to provide.



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