MARINA SERVICE reliability for shipowners

After 10 years of activity, Marina Service stands as a reference point for all shipowners orbiting the Tyrrhenian Sea to offer a complete service in the nautical service sector: consultations, preventive, services and operational activities. To begin with in Marina Service we relied on “basic service” activities, so cleaning, boat washing, laundry, etc., using ozone machines for boat sterilization or carpet washing machines.
Later the company tackled more complex work such as installations of generators, desalinators and air conditioning systems.


Refit is the area that is engaging Marina Service the most today: they produce unique pieces for clients from dated boats with the dual benefit of having a top-notch custom boat at a cost of a commercial boat. Marina Service can offer customers intervention packages from painting to laminating, carpentry and tooling. In addition, cooperation with many marinas in the Tuscany area enables Marina Service to offer customers berths as well. Marina Service is also commercial reference in Tuscany for Hanse, Fjord, Sealine , Fountain Pajot Catamarans and Ice Yacht not that Onesails service and sales point.

V.le Trieste 142
57016 Rosignano Solvay (Li)
Borgo Marina Cala de’ Medici
Tel./Fax +39 0586 761208




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