MadMax, dreamy and carefree vacations in the Mediterranean


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MadMax, to take a “carefree vacation”

Summer is just around the corner and like every year, we caught up with Lucas Lucarelli, Ceo and founder of the historic charter company MadMax Nautical Franchising, to let him tell us all the news for the vacation season starting with what fleet MadMax will offer for the summer 2022…

“Our fleet consists of brand new catamarans that accommodate 4 couples in 4 double cabins, each with independent bathrooms. Then we have two special innovations to report, which are really very important: on our catamarans we have installed a beer tapper to offer free, unlimited draft beer to all customers on board for the duration of the vacation.

We also don’t ask the customer for a security deposit, as all our competitors do, so the tourist has no responsibility on board: it is what we call HOLIDAY WITHOUT THOUGHT.”

– The strength of a unique charter company

Is there anything that sets you apart from your competitors? “Our strength is the skippers that the client finds on board our catamarans. In fact, we are the only charter company that trains its skippers with a 20-day intensive course, guaranteeing the client not only truly technically qualified personnel, but also helpful and sunny people with whom they can spend their vacations to the fullest.”

How are reservations for the summer going so far? “Another record-breaking year, we are almost full except for the first weeks of June and a few weeks in September. I invite readers for that very reason to try a week’s boat vacation out of the hustle and bustle of July and August: we have specials that cost a third of the weeks in the high season.”

Is it true that the market is expanding to tourists new to sailing? “Yes, especially aboard catamarans: they do not skid and offer the comfort of a seaside cottage with the undoubted advantages of being able to change bay and scenery as often as you want.” What itineraries do you recommend to your guests? “We have five bases in the Mediterranean, the most strategic ones-Elba, North Sardinia, Salerno, Sicily, Croatia-so what we offer very often coincides with what customers are asking for.”

What kind of assistance do you provide before, during and after the vacation? “MadMax offers service and support like I would like to find when I am the one going on vacation. We do it out of passion and because a satisfied customer is the best advertisement in the world.” Can we give an idea of the rates you propose? “A Lagoon 40 with 4 double cabins and 4 guest bathrooms is on offer in June (4/6-11/6) at €3,668.40; in September (9/24-1/10) at €3,045.00.”


– Useful Info

Phone: 371 3234443



Bases: Elba, northern Sardinia, Salerno, Aeolian Islands, Croatia





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