License test within 12 miles, from March 1 it will work like this

There is finally clarity on the procedures for obtaining a boating license within 12 miles.
Starting next March 1, the exams in question will be conducted in the same way at both the harbormaster’s office and the DMV. More and more is going to the automotive world. Let’s see, in practice, what tests a candidate who wants to obtain a license to conduct recreational craft within 12 miles will face.

The circular issued by the Department of Transportation, Navigation, General Affairs and Personnel reads: “In the first stage, the candidate must demonstrate, as a priority, the ability to read the geographic coordinates of a point on the nautical chart as well as to know the essentials of estimated navigation, the coordinate system according to the Mercator projection, and the calculation of the range in relation to engine power and the remaining amount of fuel. A maximum time of fifteen minutes is allowed for the conduct of the test. The test is passed if the proposed exercise is correctly performed and solved, in which case the candidate enters the next stage. A candidate who fails the test is judged unfit and is excluded from the examination.” For the conduct of the exercise on the essentials of estimated and coastal navigation and the coordinate system according to the Mercator projection, the candidate must come with the material needed to take the test (nautical squares, compasses, pencil, eraser as well as nautical tables), unless the Office provides said material. Only the use of a calculator is allowed during the conduct of the theory test.

Screenshot 2016-02-02 at 12:27:52 p.m.THEORY TEST – SECOND STAGE (QUIZ)
The second stage consists of solving the structured quiz questionnaire, consisting of twenty multiple-choice questions (one correct answer out of three). A maximum time of thirty minutes is allowed for the conduct of the test. A maximum number of three errors are allowed for passing the test. The fourth error results in the candidate being judged ineligible. If successful, however, the candidate enters the practical test. Each questionnaire is originated according to a randomness criterion that ensures the differentiation of individual examination forms, and is processed according to the breakdown by program topic, shown alongside.

The circular establishes the possibility (in the event of a small number of candidates or that the indicated DMV office holds the examination sessions more frequently than every two months), that the theory test and the practical test be held on the same day. The examination board, in the practical sailing test, will consist of an examiner, a secretary and an experienced sailor.



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