Laser disaster and madness: it’s real war between the IVF and the international class


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IMGP1447a-Caelin-Winchcombe-at-the-crest-of-a-wave.What is happening to the Laser class is a real sporting disaster. An affair that began months ago, as we told you, and in recent days has come to a tragic conclusion with a communiqué from the Italian Sailing Federation forbidding its members to participate in international regattas organized by EURILCA and ILCA, the European and World Laser Class Associations, respectively.
In a nutshell, what happened? In Italy a few months ago a new class recognized by the FIV was born: the Italian Laser Class Association by a group of athletes and coaches who no longer recognized themselves in the old Assolaser of secretary Macrino Macrì recognized, however, at the international level by the ILCA (Internarional Laser Class Association), an association that is in charge of all rankings for participation in World and European Championships.
And here begins the power play between institutions that are totally forgetting the sports side of the affair involving Italian laserists. ILCA does not recognize the new Association and then the FIV banned all its members from participating in international regattas thus precluding the possibility for Italian athletes to participate in the 2016 European and World Championships. Following this decision, our athletes theoretically could participate only in zonal regattas and a couple of national regattas with no ranking value.
But is it possible that two bodies that are supposed to represent the interests of athletes cannot find a compromise? Is it possible that because of power plays between institutions far removed from those who spit blood in regattas and training we risk ruining the competitive careers of our athletes? Italian laserists this year have, moreover, achieved great results at the international level, most recently Francesco Marrai’s great qualification for Rio 2016, which, this being the case, they will not be able to repeat this year. No, it is not possible. It is a disgrace to fail to find a solution, putting politics and power games ahead of sports and athletes’ sacrifices.

Below is the full communiqué from the Italian Sailing Federation followed by a letter from a passionate father with two laserist sons that best explains the paradox of this situation.

“In view of the serious and unacceptable discrimination operated by the International Associations of the Laser Class (EURILCA and ILCA) towards FIV members practicing Laser activities, with the obligation for them, in order to obtain a pass for the European and World Classes, to have to take part, unique in the European panorama of the Class, in events organized only outside the national territory and to have to pay a fee to an association not recognized by FIV, and therefore not legitimized to operate on the Italian territory, the Federal Council, which met yesterday in Genoa at the FIV headquarters, was forced to adopt the resolution not to allow its own members, engaged, in the federal representations, in any capacity, in Laser activities, to participate in any event on the ILCA and EURILCA calendar (the regatta on the calendar in Gran Canaria, from February 26 to March 4, for which the deadline for entries was prior to that resolution, remains excluded from this provision). It remains, however, permitted to participate in all the events that the Italian Laser Class Association (AICL) itself, recognized by the FIV as the only one legitimized to represent Italian laserists, has already included in its calendar for both zonal, national and international activities connected with and aimed at the World Sailing Circuit of Regattas.”


“Good morning,
I am the father of 2 boys who race in the Laser Class (the world’s most popular single and Olympic class), but perhaps it is better to say raced. Yes, because as of yesterday by a resolution the IVF prohibits its members from participating in any international regatta organized by the European and World Association (ILCA and EURILCA) including world and European championships organized by them. I believe that this scandalous decision seriously harms all young athletes, who will thus lose, opportunities to compare themselves with the best racers both European and world and also to be able to hit excellent results as in 2015. Theoretically, our youth could participate only in zonal regattas and 2/3 national regattas with no ranking value. It is clear that unless there is a rethink, most of our Italian crews, they will be forced to either change classes (but I don’t see any single one with such a wide spread) or change sports. The whole thing came about because of a diatribe between the IVF and Assolaser, which for now is the only one recognized by international bodies. But should the decisions remain as such, only our athletes will pay. CLAMOROSING. What do you think?”


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