Jacket for the end of summer: so you protect yourself from cold, wind and rain

Acheson Jacket - Slam

After this summer’s temperatures, let’s face it, a little coolness is not only tolerable, but desirable. However, too much air can become annoying, especially in the evening, not only for those who may still be on vacation. On the boat, in the harbor, but also in the city, it’s time to pull a garment out of the closet to protect us from the wind, early cold and thunderstorms. The fall season is usually the wettest and often the coldest, with significant temperature changes. You need to be prepared with the right garments to cope with these months, and perhaps take the opportunity to finally change your oilskin or choose a modern model suitable even once you get off the boat. We have selected four jackets for you.

Jacket to protect against cold, wind and rain

Jacket for fall – Crew Waikato Jacket – Murphy & Nye

Murphy & Nye - Crew Waikato Jacket
Murphy & Nye – Crew Waikato Jacket

n iconic Murphy&Nye model: Waikato. The Crew version is a summer bomber jacket made of three-layer polyester technical fabric, which perfectly protects against water and wind. In addition to the side pockets, there is a protected inner pocket, and there is also a rubberized piping on the bottom that makes the jacket stick without letting air or water in from underneath. Printed on the back of the jacket is the brand’s reflective logo.

Jacket for Fall – XM Activ Jacket – Plastimo

Fall and its inevitably lower temperatures are approaching. With this jacket, you don’t fear the cold or wind, and you can wear it for boat outings and regattas as well as on the dock. The thermal fleece-lined collar can cover up to above the nose, convenient detachable hood. The trilaminate it is made of is hydrophobic and microporous to allow proper breathability. The jacket is great in late summer to protect you from the wind and not be afraid to sweat.

Jacket for fall – Gargano 2.0 Jacket – Montura

A state-of-the-art, lightweight (680 grams), high-performance oilskin that protects against water and wind and is reinforced at critical points. For example, on the elbows there is tear and abrasion resistant reinforcement, and on the neck, wrists and bottom there is special neoprene foam. The three different layers that make up the jacket have complementary characteristics, allowing the garment to be breathable as well as waterproof.

Jacket for fall – Softshell Acheson – Slam

Sober and elegant but also sporty. The Acheson windproof softshell is perfect for wearing when getting off the boat in the evening, perhaps for drinks or dinner. The lightweight fleece interior keeps warm without weighing the garment down, and the solid-colored outer structure is waterproof and windproof, as are the zippers. Also good for use in urban areas for the early fall months.



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