It’s flying until July 3 on the Garda with Foiling Week. All events


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The Foiling Week 2022 with flying dinghy races on Lake Garda: through Sunday, July 3, Fraglia Vela Malcesine will host more than 200 foilers from 21 nations around the world. For the first time in nine editions, organizers were forced to impose a cap on entries, confirming the growing attention this kermesse continues to receive from flying boat enthusiasts around the world.

Moth and Waszp the most “crowded” classes.

Absolute record number of participants divided into 5 classes this year: Moth, Waszp, Onefly, ETF26 and Wingfoil.

The Moth class, always the queen of Foiling Week, records more than 70 entries and excellent names such as Ruggero Tita, Nacra Gold Medalist at the Tokyo 2022 Olympics along with Caterina Banti. Britons Dylan Fletcher, Gold in the men’s 49er class in Tokyo in 2020 and Paul Goodison, 2008 Olympic Laser Champion in Beijing and Moth World Champion right here in Malcesine in 2017.

foiling week - Waszp_FW2022_Credits Martina Orsini_1

In Waszp class, which was first presented at Foling Week in 2016, there are more than 60 athletes at the start.

Designed for absolute speed and inspired by the multihulls of the 34th America’s Cup, there are eight ETF26 catamarans on the starting line this year, for the third time on the program at Foiling Week.

More than 20 athletes are registered in Wingfoil class, the booming new board trend that combines windsurfing, kitesurfing and foiling. You fly over the water dragged by a very light inflatable structure wing standing on a very compact foiling board.

During the week, the public in attendance will have the opportunity to test sail several foil classes following reservations.

SuMoth – The competing universities

As for the innovative SuMoth Challenge project, in its second edition, there are four boats submitted to the final stage by as many universities: PoliTo Sailing Team (Turin, Italy), Rafale ETS Montreal (Montreal, Canada), Soton SuMoth Team (Southampton, UK), PoliMi Sailing Team (Milan, Italy).

An innovative academic year-long project involving the design, planning, engineering, and production of a functioning, high-performance single-hull foiler boat inspired by principles of sustainability and low construction costs.

Foiling Week – the Forums

14 forums scheduled through Saturday, July 2, and moderated New York Times sailing manager Chris J. Museler.

State-of-the-art foiling, academic design, innovation, sustainability, gender equality and disability will be addressed. Moments when it will be possible to listen, ask questions and meet with certainly referenced experts in these areas. It will be possible to follow the forums through the individuals below, in case of problems please refer to the links from the website or via Facebook and Instagram.

The Foiling Week events program

July 1:
hr. 0915 AM – FOILING WEEK special announcement.
Aaron Young – RNZYS
Luca Rizzotti – FOILING WEEK
Scott Over – World Sailing
Xu Lijia – Chinese Olympic Gold Medalist

hr. 10:00 AM – Foil Everywhere: Commercial/Recreational Foiling Applications. Guests
Fredrik Falkman – Zesst
David Tyler – Artemis Technologies
Sue Putallaz/Anders Bringdal – Mobyfly

hr. 11:00 AM – FoilTech: Beyond Load Cells, what’s going into foils? Guests:
Nat Shaver, INEOS Foil Designer
Elise Beavis, TNZ Engineer

hr. 01:00 PM – eFoil Influencers: Push Innovation of Foil Craft. Guests:
Luc Blecha, Zesst
Robin Amacher, Swiss Solar Boat
Godert Hardenbroek, Edorado
Sophi Horne, Brunello Acampora, E1 Race Bird

hr. 02:00 PM – Building Sustainability into Foiling. Guests:
Simon Watin, VPLP
Edward Kearney, Boundary Layer
Paolo Dassi,
Oliver Glueck, Torqeedo

July 2:
hr. 09:00 AM – Special Guest: #BackTheBid
Chris Ballois, Paralympic Kite
Alessandro Lancelotti, Paralympic Kite

hr. 10:00 AM – FLOW: Exploring Flow State in foil piloting (education/safety). Guests:
Clarisse Cremer, Vendee Globe solo ocean sailor
Julia Mancuso, Olympic skiing gold medalist and surf/wing foiler
Charlie “Pooch” Pucharello, former F-14 fighter pilot.

hr. 11:00 AM – More than Games: Olympic Foiling Fallout (Is foiling leaving developing nations behind? Does foiling open doors for women?) Guests:
Tara Pacheco, Olympian
Shahar Zubari, Israeli Olympic coach.
Noora Ruskola, helmsman of the Nacra

hr. 01:00 PM – NextGen Foil Pathways Focus Group: Training Foilers, Pathways for Juniors, Equity in Sport. Guests
Hattie Rogers, SUMOTH and UK foiler
Pearl Lattanzi, top Hawaiian youth foiler
Rowan Gyde, Manta5
Luca Devoti, FD Switch
Dave Clark, UFO
Riley Schutt, US Sailing R&D

hr. 02:00 PM – Special Guest: DAVE KALAMA, Foil Pioneer


Foiling Film Festival – The Winners

The Foiling Film Festival has found its winners. Yesterday evening, in the 14th-century Palazzo dei Capitani in Malcesine, the awards ceremony of the first edition of the world festival entirely dedicated to the cinematography of “flying boats” was held.

The award for best foiling film of the year went to the medium-length film “GONE WITH THE WING” by Andrew Englisch, Australia (2022), who was in the audience with his family. It traces the world’s first attempt by Englisch himself to cross by Wingfoil, the treacherous Bass Strait (between Australia and Tasmania). Evidence that helped him heal at a very difficult time. “Coming from Australia to the world’s first Foiling Film Festival is such an honor and something I could never have imagined. To win the award for best film is astounding because I only started foiling 12 months ago, I’m 55 years old and I want to tell everyone that foiling is amazing, it’s an attraction for all ages, it has changed my life and I hope it will change the lives of so many others.”

Best Series 2022 is “CHALLENGER FOR NOW” an 8-episode production by America’s Cup team Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, represented for the occasion here on Lake Garda by Stefano Baruffaldi, the drone-man and member of the design team involved in the filming of the film. “It was through this experience that my collaboration with Luna Rossa began. It was a real turning point. I will remember it for the rest of my life from a human and professional point of view.”

The prize for best short film was awarded to “VENT” by Pietro M. Bressan, Italy. It is an intimate tale between Olympic champion Ruggero Tita and the wind, or rather the winds of Garda, seen as magical presences that accompany the sailor in his training discipline.

The award for best story goes to “LINKED OUT – VENDÈE GLOBE” by Thomas Sametin, which presents French skipper Thomas Ruyant’s genesis, difficulties, and satisfactions in building his boat with Vendèe Globe 2020 as a goal.

To “RRD A FOILING TRIP IN SOUTH AFRICA” by Stefano Ricci went the award for best editing. A road-movie set in South Africa that uses compelling, adrenaline-pumping images to chronicle the evolutions of Ricci and his Wingfoil. “We were not realizing the fact that we were making memories, we were simply having fun,” commented the protagonist on the occasion.

The allure of the world’s biggest waves ridden on a foil board. These were the main ingredients for the best photography award that went to “LIFT FOILS_LAIRD AT NAZARÉ” by Patrick Weiland, USA.

As best film set on Lake Garda, presented to the winners by Livio Concini Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Malcesine, a partner in the first edition of the Foiling Film Festival, “Enduring Garda” by Lamberto Cesari and Luca Carton was awarded. A work capable of conveying the emotions and beauty of this magical body of water by sailing from north to south aboard a Nacra 17 and then returning by land racing over the mountains on the Veneto side of the lake.

The Festival was inaugurated by the out-of-competition “premiere” of “FlyingNikka – The making of…,” by Roman director Pierpaolo Lanfrancotti, which traces the genesis of the first mini-maxi foiler for offshore racing by Italian owner and skipper Roberto Lacorte, who said on the festival stage, “The evening was really engaging, the ideal context for the presentation of the film on FlyingNikka. I would like to thank Luca Rizzotti and the Foiling Week organization for giving us this opportunity. I also extend my compliments to them for putting on an event that is unquestionably the absolute benchmark of the foiling context internationally.”



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