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Forniture Nautiche Italiane was established in Cecina in 1983 by its founders Sandro Farina and Nenella Montanari; for the past few years their leadership has been joined by their children Fabio and Francesca. Since the beginning of the business, the catalog has undergone a process of evolution, being enriched with new items to ensure a wide range of products for customers. To date it has more than 13,000 products chosen from the world’s top manufacturers.
The offer was significantly increased in the year 2013 when FNI was chosen by PLASTIMO as a distributor of its products throughout Italy. Next to the marketing products FNI produces some items such as the SENTINEL bilge switch. In 2010, the design of the SENTINEL ONE STAR switch began until it was awarded the prestigious Dame award in 2011, this year the version also entered production SENTINEL TWO STARS complete with visual alarms to check the pump and its operation, this product is made entirely in Italy. The company in April 2013 moved to new premises covering 5200 square meters. Thanks to an efficient organization and advanced logistics systems, FNI delivers orders throughout Italy in 24H, to the most inconvenient areas and abroad in 48H. In 2005, it obtained ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification with the aim of providing even better service.

Professional cleaning line ideal for daily use on all types of vessels, simple and effective to use. The system consists of a telecospic handle and a series of accessories connected via the stainless steel quick-release system. Compatible with other systems on the market.




The smart bilge switch that solves the annoying problem of water in the bilge, even when you are away from the boat. It can be installed outside the bilge and turns the pump on automatically when water comes to wet its sensors, and turns it off as soon as the problem is solved.



Screenshot 2016-01-08 at 5:00:31 p.m.Plastimo Compasses.
Elegant and reliable, Plastimo compasses are the perfect synthesis of craftsmanship experience and technology. For 50 years, Plastimo has been creating unique compasses, produced with sophisticated techniques, yet controlled and balanced by hand. All bushings are guaranteed 5 years, thanks to checks at every stage of production: aging, vibration, strength, climatic, stability, precision.

USM(threshold = 0; radius = 1.5; amount = 180%) standard: Cromalin¨ CP2 Gloss (v3.5) created by Cromalin¨ PP v3.5.1

Barton blocks.
Barton blocks
aremanufactured with English care and quality, with exceptional performance materials, to meet the needs of all boaters. Manufactured from fiberglass-filled polyamide and stainless steel to combine light weight and excellent performance with long service life. Acetic resin sheaves with Delrin ball bearings for minimal friction and optimum performance.Barton pulleys




Via Galileo Galieli, 9 57023 Cecina (LI)
tel: 0586 662424
fax: 0586 662437



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