INTERVIEW – Andrea Mura: “Italy, why does sailing suck for you?”

IMG_6535You had to be at sea, sailing the oceans. Instead, you find yourself on the ground. Physically and morally. It was a disappointed, bitter Andrea Mura (“I have death in my heart,” to use his words) who visited us at our booth at the Genoa Boat Show. He smiles, wryly as usual, but in his eyes is the despondency of someone who has seen the world fall on him. Everything seemed okay: the new IMOCA 60 built for him by Persico Marine, participation in the Vendée Globe (the solo round-the-world race, the Everest of sailing). Instead, Mura(HERE THE VICTIM) found himself forced to sell the boat.: Michel Desjoyeaux’s team immediately purchased it. The only and meager consolation: the “Professeur” was able to see right away the goodness of the boat and sails made by the Mura sailmaker. In this interview Andrea doesn’t mince words and questions what is not working in Italy. Is there a lack of nautical culture, is entrepreneurship blind? Listen carefully to his words, they make one think a lot (E.R.).




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