Internet on board: signal at 20 miles!

sail-accessories-cover-stagne-ipadHaving an efficient 3 or 4 G Internet connection system on board becomes indispensable, even when sailing. In port or near the coast, no problem with your smartphone as an access point, but when you move away the signal becomes weak until it disappears.

The cells (that’s what the operators’ relay stations are called) more or less ensure reception up to 3 to 5 miles from the coast. To solve this problem, there are antennas on the market today that amplify the signal. First condition, they should be installed on the tree, as high as possible. With antennas, the range increases from 3/5 miles to 10/20 miles. Quite an advantage! of course, they are not cheap solutions.

Untitled-500x500Italy’s Glomex( offers the weBBoat 4G model for about 1,000 euros. Then there is MVG Neptulink( 1500 euros and the cheaper Sat-Way Wabnet( on 700 euros. Interesting, see photo, is the solution of the Wi-Boat J1(, which in addition to amplification offers an on-board wi-fi system that makes the boat a real home. Plus the prices are cheaper, starting at 399 euros.

In the May issue of the Journal of Sailing an extensive feature on the Internet on board.



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