INFOGRAPHIC The big map of current and future trends.

Mylius ShipyardWhat are the current and future boat market trends? To better understand what is going on, we made the infographic you see at the bottom.

We took 41 parameters concerning a boat and quoted them by today’s level of spread, from 1 to 10, placing them along the vertical axis (ordinate), the further down it is the less spread it is today. Then we projected it into the future, and that is, we predict how much it will be used in the coming years. The result is determined by its position relative to the horizontal line (abscissa). The more the parameter is shifted to the right the more successful it will be in the future. An example to better understand how to read this graph: radar is quite widely used today and in fact sits high along the vertical axis. But in the future its purchase on cruising boats will decrease, and in fact with respect to the horizontal axis (that of future trends) it is toward the left.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 at 12:19:21 p.m.



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