Inflatable boat SUPs, the best 8 models of summer 2022

inflatable boat sup summer 2022
The 8 best inflatable boat sup of summer 2022

There is no crew on a cruise that does not appreciate inflatable SUP boards. Versatile, fun, and easy to steer, they stow in a locker and allow you to explore reefs and coves when at anchor. Here is a selection of what we think are the best 8 inflatable SUP boat models of Summer 2022.

8 inflatable boat SUPs for Summer 2022

A boating vacation is already a unique and wonderful experience in itself, but with just a little, it can be enriched and made even more fun, especially during the stops. For example, with inflatable SUPs, i.e., Stand Up Paddle boards, to explore reefs, coves, and stretches of coastline when at anchor. It is difficult today to find a cruising sailboat that lacks one. Not only for play, but also as an alternative to tender.

The key to success? Sup is not only fun but, unlike other watersports, it is super easy to learn and suitable for everyone. You just need to have a good sense of balance and a decent feel for the paddle. Women, men, children, athletes, families all can sail on these large, extremely stable and versatile boards.

Inflatable Boat SUPs – The “Air SUPs”

It was mainly the inflatable SUPs that made sailors appreciate this discipline. In fact, this type of board, also called “Air Sup,” increasingly resembles rigid boards in terms of performance and is excellent in safety, bulk, and weight.

Inflatable boat sup summer 2022 - the inflation
Inflatable boat sup summer 2022 – the inflation

In fact, the inflatable Sup has the characteristic of absorbing shocks, avoiding dents and being easily transportable. With the kit consisting of a bag, inflation pump and fin, it all stows in a 40-liter backpack for 10-12 kg of weight and can be the cruising sailor’s ideal travel companion.

Inflatable boat SUPs – How to choose them

There are different types of inflatable Sups, more or less specific. It is best to go for a so-called “Allround” model, i.e. boards designed to sail in all conditions and easy to conduct even for beginners. To be sufficiently stable, the Sup board should be chosen according to the weight of the person who will have to use it. More volume will give you more stability. Here is a simple formula for calculating the proper volume of a beginner’s board:

Minimum Board Volume in Liters = Rider Weight in Kgs x 2

For example, a rider who weighs 70 kg should purchase a board of at least 140 liters. Also, if the Sup is to be used by more than one person in the crew, better to choose a slightly larger model so that they can all use it without any problems. For size, you can safely take a model 3-3.15 m long, 75-70 cm wide and 12-15 cm thick.

Inflatable boat sup – What is the “Drop Stitch”

As for construction, inflatable SUPs are composed of a Pvc outer layer, reinforcement, and finally an inner layer. All compressed and thermofused. The strongest and best-performing models are constructed using the “Drop Stitch” technique. These are special filaments that connect the outer layer to the inner layer and are responsible for the hardness of the board when inflated: the greater the amount of fibers per cm², the stiffer the board.

The important thing is also to inflate the Sup to the right pressure (PSI) to gain the necessary stiffness and efficiency in the water. Air Sups typically achieve inflation pressures of 10-15 PSI.

Inflatable boat sup – How to choose the paddle

And finally the paddle. Again, there are several models. The cheaper ones are generally made of aluminum, while the higher-performance ones are made of carbon. The handles are generally extendable. For boat use, an aluminum paddle with an extendable handle will do just fine, so that it can adapt to different riders. What is the right length of the handle? There is a simple trick to adjust it: hold the paddle straight in front of you with the paddle resting on the ground and extend your arm above your head, the handle should reach below your wrist.

Inflatable boat sup – The 8 best models of summer 2022

What we want to offer you then is the list of the best 8 boat SUPs of 2022 that stand out for their excellent value for money.

JBay.Zone Amura H3

The JBay.Zone Amura H3 Sup is a Stand Up Paddle that is lightweight, maneuverable, and especially suitable for those new to the sport.

SUP summer 2022 - JBAY.ZONE AMURA H3
inflatable sup summer 2022 – JBAY.ZONE AMURA H3

The design is Made in Italy, while the laminated Pvc construction with Drop-Stitch technology ensures the right strength and rigidity. Comes complete with safety leash with maximum extension of 300 cm, adjustable aluminum paddle, Bravo high-pressure hand pump, repair kit, Action Cam mount with GoPROHERO-type attachment, and carrying bag.

Specifications: length 297 cm, width 81 cm, volume 210 l, thickness 10 cm, weight 9 kg. The price is 329 euros.

Aqua Marina Vapor

Sophisticated design, great stability and excellent value for money are the strengths of the Aqua Marina Vapor Allround inflatable sup from specialist company Aqua Marina.

inflatable sup summer 2022 - AQUA MARINA VAPOR
inflatable sup summer 2022 – AQUA MARINA VAPOR

It is ideal for beginners and especially popular with women. It also has the ability to be used as a kayak by purchasing the seat as an optional extra. Comes complete with safety leash, center fin, adjustable aluminum paddle, high-pressure hand pump and backpack for carrying.

Specifications: length 315 cm, width 79 cm, volume 310 l, thickness 15 cm, weight 8.5 kg. The price is 299 euros.

Hydro Force Oceana

Hydro Force Oceana is a Sup manufactured by Bestway, one of Europe’s best-known brands of inexpensive inflatables. It is appreciated for its sturdy construction with three layers of Pvc, convenient neoprene handle and many included accessories.

inflatable sup summer 2022 – HYDRO FORCE OCEANA

These include the removable seat to use it as a kayak as well, combined with the footrest and double paddle. It also comes with safety leash, center fin, single-action hand pump, complete repair kit and carrying bag.

Specifications: length 305 cm, width 84, volume 320 l, thickness 12 cm, weight 12 kg. The price is 399 euros.

Bluefin Cruise

Bluefin is a leading British company in Europe for inflatable sup. Prominent in its catalog is the Bluefin Cruise, an all-around model suitable for everyone.

inflatable sup summer 2022 - BLUEFIN CRUISE
inflatable sup summer 2022 – BLUEFIN CRUISE

Its generous size makes it very stable, while quality finishes such as the non-slip deck ensure its comfort. “Drop Stich” construction and ESL technology to resist UV rays complete the picture. Comes with leash, center fin, fiberglass dual-purpose kayak and sup paddle, seat, footrest, repair kit, dual-action pump, and backpack for carrying. The warranty is 5 years.

Specifications: length 340 cm, width 84 cm, volume 260 l, thickness 15 cm, weight 9.5. The price is 549 euros.

ECD Makani

The ECD Makani Stand Up Paddle Board is an excellent Allround Stand Up Paddle Board for riders up to about 150 kg in weight. Due to its length, it can easily accommodate one adult and one child.

inflatable sup summer 2022 - ECD MAKANI
inflatable sup summer 2022 – ECD MAKANI

The three fins provide great stability, and the large Eva pad offers maximum comfort. It has a double-wall Drop-Stitch core and a 3-year warranty. Comes complete with safety leash, center fin, dual-function adjustable paddle that can be divided into three parts, kayak seat and toe-board, high-pressure hand pump with pressure gauge, and watertight carrying bag.

Specifications: length 320 cm, width 82 cm, volume 220 l, thickness 15 cm, weight 10 kg. The price is 248.99 euros.

Itiwit X100 11 feet

A practical, comfortable and fun Stand Up Paddle for the whole family. This is the strength of Decathlon’sItiwit X100 11-Foot homebrew.

inflatable sup summer 2022 – ITIWIT X100

In fact, thanks to its generous size, it can accommodate up to one adult and two children for a maximum load of 320 kg. The sturdy and lightweight construction is made of Dropstitch and heat-glued PVC. While the foam deck cover provides comfort and grip at will. The set includes the board, removable fin, safety leash, instruction manual and a repair patch.

Specifications: length: 11′ (335.5 cm, width: 86.5 cm, thickness 15 cm, volume 335 liters, weight: 10.5 kg. The price is 289.99 euros.

Jobe Leona 10.6

The Jobe Leona 10.6 Stand Up Paddle is a high-quality board that features great boating safety and attention to detail: such as the soft non-slip EVA foam coating, Halkey Roberts inflation/deflation valve, metal rings placed at the bow and stern, storage net, and handy central neoprene carry handle with paddle holder.

inflatable sup summer 2022 - JOBE LEONA 10.6
inflatable sup summer 2022 – JOBE LEONA 10.6

It is recommended for riders weighing up to 120 kg and comes with a center fin, removable aluminum paddle, dual-function hand pump, safety leash and waterproof carrying bag.

Specifications: length 320, width 81.3, thickness 12 cm, volume 246 l, weight 8.2 kg. The price is 539 euros.

Sup Nemaxx

Among the cheapest inflatable Stand Up Paddle on the market, the Nemaxx Sup offers good performance in terms of handling and stability.

inflatable sup summer 2022 – SUP NEMAXX

It is especially suitable for women and men who weigh under 80 kg and are no taller than 6 feet. The construction is made of Pvc with “Drop Stich” technology that ensures excellent performance, low weight and maximum rigidity. Comes with safety leash, adjustable aluminum paddle, dual-action hand pump and carrying backpack.

Specifications: length 300 cm, width 76 cm, thickness 15 cm, volume 205 l, weight 7.6 kg. The price is 273 euros.

These are our tips to help you choose a boat SUP for Summer 2022. Let us know if they were helpful to you!


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