In the boat more comfortable thanks to your no-cost tricks!

tricksDo you want to simplify your life on board without relieving your wallet? Here are three tricks that as many do-it-yourself boat lovers sent us. Easy-to-implement “smart” solutions, thanks to which you will solve some problems: where do I put the fishing rod in the boat so as not to ruin it? How do I hoist the fenders without ever leaving the helm if I am alone in the boat? And the ropes in the peaks, how do I hang them?

To secure fishing rods aboard your First 32.5, Massimo Sciutto recommends “using very common plastic electrical corrugated holders that can be screwed directly into the fiberglass or onto wooden cleats then glued with silcaflex onto it, to create convenient and functional rod holders that can be placed in the most unlikely places.” Massimo continues, “The system can be adopted for other elements, such as extensible sailors, given the ease of finding commercially available corrugated supports of various sizes.”

Screen shot 04-2457497 at 5:21:09 p.m.THE AUTOMATIC FENDER HISSER
Massimo Sciutto reveals another ingenious trick. “In the day-to-day solo use of my First 32.5 (but also if there are many of you)-he explains-it is very helpful for me to have connected the lower ends of the fenders on the same side together with a single line, which is then returned to the deck, aft (fig. 1). When put into force and attached to the cleat it lifts all fenders at once to a position that does not affect navigation with heeled boat” (fig. 2). A solution that “allows the boat and peaks to be free of fenders at all times and, most importantly, allows one person to remove and reposition fenders in a few moments during maneuvers” (fig. 3). A most convenient find even for those who frequently make outings with inexperienced crews.

Livio Bonura had a problem: his lockers were often “in disarray between ropes, extension cords, and more.” We understand it very well. In fact, raise your hand if you’ve never cursed at the stuff stuck in the lockers, especially when time is short and you have to hurriedly pull out lines, canes, toolboxes.” Bonura gave it some thought and came up with the solution: “Just a wooden list with 3-4 or more wall hangers screwed on top. Glue the list to the high wall of the locker with millechiodi glue and voila!” This way you can say goodbye for good to the chaos in the lockers without relieving your wallet: receipts in hand, Livio spent 3.50 euros.



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