If it wasn’t a mainsail, what could it be? Upcycling under sail

DSCF2614When we want to refer to the transformation of a waste into a new object, by means of creativity, we use the term upcycling (different from recycling, which involves the industrial transformation of waste into something else). The sailboat is a true realm of upcycling, on the one hand because there is plenty of time under sail to unleash creativity, and on the other hand because there is often a need to sharpen one’s wits to find unexpected solutions to problems. When you are sailing in the middle of the ocean, you have to learn to make do.
We had fun imagining what the mainsail might turn into once it came to the end of its primary function as the “engine” of the sailboat. By dividing it into sections of various shapes, you can get accessories that are very useful for life on board: from awnings for shelter from the sun to shopping bags, from mosquito nets to dinghy bags. All it takes is a little creativity to breathe new life into your dear old sail.

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