I buy my own boat, 5 new sailboats from 12 to 15 meters


Enthusiasts who are considering a purchase among new sailboats know that these are the “hot” weeks to mature the choice. Shipyards have presented their “cards” at the Cannes and Genoa shows, including new models as well as those launched in recent seasons, and perhaps there are several proposals on your table among which you are undecided. If you are looking for a sport cruising boat, with which to vacation and even race, between 12 and 15 meters, take a look at these five proposals because we are going to review 5 best sellers in this market segment.

We chose 5 new sailboat models representing the Grand Soleil, Ice Yachts, Italia Yachts, X-Yachts and Elan shipyards, namely the Grand Soleil 44, the Ice 52 RS, theItalia Yachts 14.98, the X4⁰, and theElan E5. They are all boats that, perhaps fishing from the optionals that the yards offer, can really represent a good compromise between the cruising and racing worlds, without displeasing anyone. Enjoy your navigation!



Elan E5 – Elan Yachts | Length. 11.96 m, width. 3.37 mt

The FIRST boat in the review is the Elan E5 . It is the ultimate expression of the philosophy behind the E Series acronym, a boat that the perfect compromise between cruising and high performance sailing. In the Elan E5, cruising interiors and exterior ergonomics are married with sophisticated equipment such as a carbon-fiber retractable bowsprit, furling genoa with recessed underdeck furling, through-mast and adjustable split backstay. The design is by one of the most famous designers, Rob Humpreys, who has transferred the concepts of his ocean-going, race-winning prestigious boats around the world into this boat.

Price starting from 216,900 euros+VAT

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X4⁰ – X-Yachts | Length. 12.09 m, width. 3.81 mt

X-Yachts celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019, and the Danish company, founded in 1979, decided that this special birthday should coincide with a boat: the X4⁰ .

Aesthetically, the look recalls all the canons of the “Pure X” line, or the range that represents the middle ground between the Xp dedicated to performance and the Xc dedicated to cruising. The X4⁰ is the boat that completed downward this line. The deckhouse design of the larger models is replicated, along with pulled lines at the bow and softer lines at the stern, where there is a soft knee and no real step.

Price starting from 295,500 euros +IVA

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Grand Soleil 44 – Cantiere Del Pardo | Length. 14.35 m, width. 4.30 mt

Grand Soleil GS44

The second boat in our selection bears the signature of Matteo Polli for the water lines and Nauta Design for the interiors. The Grand Soleil 44 was designed for rating regattas, those ORC in particular, and Polli’s stylistic signature can be seen in so many elements: already at the mooring you can see how the boat when flat has a fairly small wetted surface with bow and stern, especially the knee, high on the water and volumes that will go submerged as the boat begins to heel as the wind increases.

Price starting from 329,000 euros+VAT

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Discover the Grand Soleils at Milan Yachting Week

Italy Yachts 14.98 – Italy Yachts | Length. 15.35 m, width. 4.35 mt

The third sailboat in our selection was designed by Cossutti Yacht Design, the wizards of fast hulls. TheItalia Yachts 14.98 has elements that take cues from the “blue water” production of Italia Yachts, but its more intimate soul comes instead from the world of the 998 and the 11.98, that is, the “racing” part of the boats produced so far. A boat, therefore, that wants to make a synthesis of the good things Italia Yachts has managed to do so far, bringing with it the two souls of the brand.

Price starting from 450,000+VAT

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Ice 52 RS – Ice Yachts | Length. 15.80 m, width. 4.65 mt

ice 52 rs evoThe fifth boat under review is certainly the one with the most custom philosophy given the many customizations the shipyard offers. The Ice 52 RS, has shell and deck laminated in one step infusion from full carbon female mold and epoxy resin infusion. Carbon structures are laminated in place also infused always in epoxy resin joining with hull and deck. This makes the boat lighter (rigged it weighs about 12.6 tons), while still remaining solid and able to withstand heavy loads for long sailings. The Ice 52 RS was born with a dual soul: to go hard in regattas and be comfortable on board in any kind of sailing, even the most relaxed, and is one of the Italian shipyard’s most successful boats.

Price starting from 750,000 euros+VAT

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Discover the Ice Yachts Milan Yachting Week


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