Hybrid Ferrari, a reality?

The Ferrari F8 Tributo with its 720 hp is the most powerful Ferrari ever (excluding special series). But at the Cavallino the news is also other.

About the F8 Tribute I already wrote in a post a few days ago. I can only add that it looks even better in person than in photographs. Gritty, yet refined. Still and always Ferrari with a nod to the historic F40.

In addition, the price was announced: 236 thousand euros (3% up from the 488 Gtb)

CEO Camilleri announces that the first hybrid Ferrari will be unveiled at an exclusive event in May, but does not confess whether the hybridization was done on a V8 or a V6 (more likely). And still, Maranello’s people emphasize, it was done to improve its power and performance (as well as to lower pollutant limits).

For the Thoroughbred, the Ferrari Fuv, i.e., Suv, a four-door Ferrari (“never say mine,” Camilleri said about it) will have to wait until 2022, however. Maybe right here in Geneva.

There will still be five new Ferraris unveiled this year (four in addition to this F8). “We want to disrupt our range. We’re not going to do any copy-pasting.”

Camilleri also spoke about Formula 1: “The car came out well, we are quite happy with the tests, although it is difficult to see where the others are.” “The car is very balanced, the drivers are quite happy, and we always have the same ambitions. We need to work on reliability.”
“In Australia there won’t be a Mission Winnow logo on the body because there were problems with the health department and Philip Morris didn’t have time to find a solution. Winnow however is not a brand, it’s not about tobacco, it’s about the transition from cigarette to electronic. However, in Australia we will have a surprise for the fans on the car.”



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