How is the drift world changing? Eleven “proposals” for all tastes

As the recreational boating industry shows its cards for the new season, let’s take a little bit of stock of the world of dinghies and sport multihulls, which always proves to be in turmoil.

It seems that no one can oust theOptimist from the throne of the most beloved among the little ones. Indeed, Mills’ project is confirmed to be very well attended, with a nice circuit of regattas. The world of youth racing also features theO’pen Bic, the 2.75-meter sport that has experienced the greatest growth in popularity over the past decade. We were then struck this year by a design presented at last year’s Paris Boat Show and which has seen the water in recent months: it is the Patapon, a single-hulled vessel that strikes us first of all by its lines full of personality. Its V-shaped deck and vertical sides provide it with good stability. Waiting for its sibling Patapon P4, which the Florance shipyard has already announced.

Like it or not, the foil phenomenon has now gone global, and it could not fail to touch the world of sports sailing as well. it was just a few months ago that the world’s most popular drift, the Laser, now has a kit that allows it to fly over water. What an all-Italian design, the Bimare S9 designed by Michele Petrucci, also does. It is a 4.16-meter long by 2.36-meter wide catamaran that manages to remain stable even while you are flying over the water.

Ease of rigging is then another aspect that most determines the choice of drift. In this respect, theRS Aero is undoubtedly at the top of sailors’ choices, thanks to its weight of only 30 kg. A hull that is at its best at carrying gaits, thanks to its skinny water entries and wide stern. If we talk about fun at carrying gaits, it is impossible not to mention the now legendary 49er, which has become a benchmark in the skiff world. Its supremacy as the most spectacular Olympic boat will be undermined next year by the Nacra 17: it will be a showdown in the waters of Rio de Janeiro! Another fun monohull, born from the pencil of Englishman Dan Holman but built by Devoti Sailing, is the D-Zero: 4.20 meters long, it is a monohull that adds to the great challenge in this market segment. Finally, we would like to point out a little gem, which is paving the way for a new world, that of inflatable dinghies. It’s the Multisport 270: will inflatable also be the future of dinghies?

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