Here’s what they say about us: VELAFestival, the desire to share a passion

We want to share with you a nice interview by journalist Fabio Pozzo with the editor of the Journal of Sailing Luca Oriani that came out on We talk about a little bit of everything: from the reconfirmation of the S. Margherita Ligure event to the more than 200 boats at the sailing event, from the SuperNikka bolide to the hull helmed by a 90-year-old woman…good reading

“Do you want to rent a sailboat for the June 2 bridge? Look, if we had 50 we would have placed them all. There is not a single medium-sized boat to rent in much of eastern Liguria and Tuscany.” Thus a Ligurian operator. Will it mean something?
Back to the first weekend after May Day: there were 210 boats on the water in Santa Margherita Ligure for the VELA Cup, the sailing event organized by the Giornale della Vela as part of its VelaFestival. And lots and lots of people on the dock. Will it mean something?

Velafestival Effect
With Luca Oriani, the editor of the Sailing Journal, we have been talking about this for some time. There is a lot of desire for sailing in Italy. Pop sailing, which goes hand in hand with the interest in the peaks of excellence that represent Made in Italy in the world, such as the 70-meter “Sybaris” just launched by Perini Navi.
Take VelaFestival, litmus test. I have seen it debut in Livorno, continue in Genoa as part of the exhibition complex that hosts the Boat Show, consolidate in Santa Margherita Ligure. This year, in its second year, the formula proved that the calculations were not wrong.

Oriani, let’s start with the numbers….

“We had 210 boats at Velacup, a record for the Gulf of Tigullio. That rose to 350, counting those on display and at the mooring. That means about 3,000 sailors, sailors, enthusiasts, more or less.”





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