Here are the 30 greatest sailing legends of all time (and much, much more)

It is the great men and women who play it that make a sport great. Even sailing, which is not only a sport but also a practice, does not escape this rule. Great actors in a sport excite the imagination, spark the spirit of emulation, and become examples to be admired and emulated.
In reality or with imagination.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 12:20:21 p.m.Warm up your mice: are you ready to choose the greatest sailor in history in your opinion? From August 1 you can vote for it on our website: all the stories of the 30 sailing legends we selected can be found in the August Sailing Newspaper, now on newsstands and digitally. It is 30 stories to be read all in one go. 30 stories of the greatest sailors in the history of modern sailing that we have selected without barriers. In these 30 stories is the essence of sailing. A sport or rather a practice where many different souls coexist. No sport expresses so many possibilities. Those who play soccer, good or bad, have one goal: to score one goal more than the opponent. Those who play tennis strike the winning blow. In sailing, unique among all sports, one can choose which role to play. Aggressive to try to win a regatta, focused to think about sailing around the world, reckless to explore remote territories. And to feel a bit like a “legend.”

This and much more you will find by flipping through the August Sailing Newspaper, on newsstands and digitally: find out in advance with us, here are some “goodies” you will find.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 11:46:55 a.m.1. THE PORTOLANO OF VACATIONS IN SAILING PARADISE
We invite you to the Mecca of sailing, the Maddalena Archipelago, to participate in the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Summer – Mario Formenton Trophy and enjoy a vacation in the blue heart of northern Sardinia. A celebration of the sea and sailing to crown your dream summer cruise among the Straits of Bonifacio. A sail for every type of boat and every kind of sailor. We are waiting for you!

Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 11:47:57 a.m.2. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?
Hard to make yourself understood when you are in a foreign country. If a Greek tells you katarti (means tree) what do you understand? We have rounded up the 88 indispensable words of nautical terminology as well as indispensable phrases and useful words, translating them into as many as seven Mediterranean languages. So whether you go to Croatia, Spain, Greece, Turkey, France or use universal English you will always be able to manage, at sea, in port, at the supermarket, if you need help or have emergencies. Enjoy your vacation with our emergency Mediterranean supervocabulary.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 11:48:48 a.m.3. OK SETTINGS.
A guide to the most important adjustments to always have in mind when sailing. A useful reminder in pictures and drawings to take stock of your boat’s trim based on the intensity of the wind you are sailing in. The main maneuvers for adjusting mainsail and jib in real time but also some useful tips for checking if your mast has proper rigging tension.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 11:58:09 a.m.4. A THOUSAND MILES A THOUSAND THOUGHTS
Ambrogio Beccaria Balduzzi’s (who will take part in the next Mini Transat) first major solo ocean voyage told by the protagonist: emotions and vicissitudes between Brittany and Ireland. A must-read story to really understand what a lone sailor feels while in the middle of the sea.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 11:59:06 a.m.5. DAMN BUREAUCRACY – THE DSC PARADOX
We tell you another story of short-sighted and unnecessary bureaucracy that is vexatious to recreational boaters. On board every boat the DSC system for distress requests, with which every VHF is equipped, could not be used. But there is a loophole….

Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 12:00:33 p.m.6. BEST IN A FEW BUT SAFE
With nearly 30,000 miles on his back, ready to take part in the Transquadra solo race, French-Italian aeronautical engineer Hugues Le Cardinal tells us how to sail happily (and safely) even if there are only a few of us in the boat or in the company of a crew of perfect “neophytes”: from AIS to force management, from autopilot to onboard power.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 12.04.017. EVIDENCE OF THE MONTH
This month we tested for you boats of all types, starting with the “top yacht” Advanced A80, the luxury performance cruiser with pure Italian style; for those who like to make their boat their home, we tested instead the new Garcia Exploration 52 and for “French-style” sailors the small RM 890.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 12.04.468. GIRAGLIA BY REAL SAILORS
We tell you about a memorable edition of the great offshore classic through the testimonies of the protagonists: those who were caught in the gale and were rescued by helicopters, those who beat it, and those who lost the race to help other boats.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 12:05:51 p.m.9. SAILBOAT, BIG GAME FISHING
World Deep Sea Fishing Champion Antonello Salvi reveals all the tricks of trolling: you’ll get great satisfaction and make your cruising even more fun and tasty

Screenshot 2016-07-26 at 12.07.3110. FLEXIBLE SOLAR PANELS? YOU ASSEMBLE THEM YOURSELF
Installing a photovoltaic kit aboard a sailboat is a simple task. Having “flying” panels and not permanently fixed allows you to place them from time to time in the best place in the sun and without shadows.

Remember, there are also many other good reasons not to miss the new August issue of the Sailing Journal. On newsstands, on iPad, iPhone and all Android tablets and smartphones.



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